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"It was just like any other day Teal Lake had experienced.

Calm, clear sky's, normal weather, same annoying people, nothing too interesting.

Except whether or not she knew it, Teals life was about to change that day. Forever. It was the day... that she would do anal."

"You wanna stop with your incredibly raunchy narrations Sam?" I tease with a smile as we head down the familiar hallways of East Middleton High School.

"Not until one comes true." She says flicking her long tan hair over her shoulder.

I giggle and shake my head with a smile "A, I don't have a boyfriend, B. I'm a virgin, and C. I will never do butt stuff. That shits nasty."

"Literally." Kade chimes in.

"He speaks!" Sam jokes over my obnoxiously loud laughter.

That was hilarious and I'm not too sure Sam caught it.

Kade slings a arm over Sam and I, making us both stumble slightly as he pulls us into him.

"How are my two favorite girls doing on this fine evening?" He asks kissing Sam on the lips and me on the forehead.

I scrunch my face up and Sam giggles.

"Control your man." I say with a mischievous smirk.

Kade, Sam and I have been best buddies since we could walk. They just started liking each other as more than friends a few months ago, ever since then, I've been the third wheel.

But the big, fun wheel. You know? on the three wheelers?

Sam is a gorgeous light brown haired girl with insanely pretty green eyes.

Kade is a very attractive dark haired guy with insane hazel eyes.

Then there's me. The tall blonde one with some pretty sick blue eyes, if I do say so myself.

We are all known for our friend group, they consist of many people that everybody loves.

We are a group of many different kinds of people, but we all get along amazingly and we love each other endlessly.

There's Jackie, our very pretty, very spunky best friend.

Travis, a light skinned stunner with insane blue eyes.

there's Jay, the gorgeous peace keeper of our group who really has a beautiful exotic look to her.

then there's Kevin Smith, the guy who is known as 'sexy Smith' (a nickname he gave to himself) although, he's not wrong. He is incredibly attractive.

Then there's Ginger, conveniently, she is a ginger. She's absolutely stunning.

Then you have the typical gorgeous preppy jock, Darek. All the girls love him and all the guys, too. He's that lovable, outgoing kind of guy.

Then there's Levi, the gorgeous musician.

Becca, the pretty little artist.

Jordan, the devishly handsome player slash bad boy of the group.

And last but not least, Joe, our flamboyantly gay ball of energy.

"I can't be tamed." Kade says with a wink.

I just blink at Sam. Waiting for her to smack him, but no. She lets out a girly giggle and I throw my hands up in defeat.

"Who are you and what have you done to my best friends?" I ask dramatically.

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