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I wake up groggily and basically jump out of my bed as I see a figure standing by my door.

"Jesus!" I yell before my mind catches up with me.

"Have you been standing there all night?!" I ask running a hand through my hair in frustration.

"I don't sleep on the job." He responds.

I just look him up and down and raise my eyebrow "So... You don't sleep?" I ask. "At all?"

"I'm trained to go days without sleep and still maintain full capacity." He replies.

He's like a robot.

"That's both physically and psychologically impossible. Sure you can train yourself, but some part of your endurance isn't at full potential." I say rubbing my eyes.

"I haven't had any problems." He responds coldly.

"That makes me feel much better." I say sarcastically before swinging my legs out of bed as I head to my bathroom.

I turn around as I feel him walk toward me.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"I have orders to keep an eye on you at all times." He says.

"Yeah, and I have this rule that if a guy follows me into the bathroom, I will kick him so hard in the nuts that he can't reproduce." I respond.

"I'm just taking a piss, I'll be out in a second." I tell him.

"But agent K-"

"I don't give a shit what he told you! I doubt Anthony hired a snake to crawl throughout the sewage system to bite my ass before I'm done peeing!" I yell before going into my bathroom and closing the door on him before I lock it.

I run both hands over my face and take a deep breath to try and calm myself down.

I'm fine... this is fine... it's temporary.

I look in the mirror and cringe slightly at my reflection. I don't look too hot.

"I don't hear pee." He says from outside the door.

"Dude! Just meet me downstairs!" I yell, irritated.

There's silence and I just close my eyes and try to collect myself before I lose it.

"Miss Lake-"

I'm going to be put in jail well before Anthony for murdering this guy.

"Go. Down. Stairs." I say sternly. I've been awake for less than five minutes and I'm already exhausted because of this guy.

I hear him walk away and I just sigh as I go to the bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth, throw my hair up, and get changed in under less than five minutes.

When I leave the bathroom I jump again as I basically run into Kent.

"Dude. Are you fucking serious?" I ask him.

"You were taking a while." He responds.

I look at the clock and then at him. "It has been four minutes and twenty one seconds." I say.

"A lot can happen in that amount of time." He says.

"Give me one example!" I ask.

"You could've slipped and hit your head on the porcelain." He says.

I just blink a few times in disbelief before I throw my hands up and push past him to go downstairs.


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