You can interact with my story!!!

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Hello my Lovelies! 💝

I hope you take the time to read this because it's very important to me and it will help push my story into a more interesting direction 😏

So, I currently have 80 chapters drafted and written out for this story, but I want it to be more interactive. I want you guys to help me choose which way this story goes.

You can help by leaving a comment telling me what you think, who you ship, any predictions?? I don't know! But a lot of my chapters I have written out can lead the story into whole new directions!

Feel free to message me privately, directly, or comment asking, commenting or suggesting anything you have for me!

Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much for reading and I hope you enjoy what's to come! (But my number of updates will depend on how my chapters do 😳)

As always, Share with your friends, vote, comment blah blah blah ❤️

Stay sexy my friends 💋💋

xoxo ~Syd

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