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Of course I jinxed it.

The week didn't go well... at all. Mostly because of Darek's parents contacting us over and over again asking if they were okay.

I don't think they fully understood the idea of 'emergency' calls.

I sit in front of the phone mindlessly staring into the distance as I wait for the phone to ring again while Darek and Blake are busy playing video games.

"I swear to god I will show up with my badge and gun if that phone rings one more-"

But Blake can't finish his sentence as the phone rings to cut him off.

Blake begins to get up but Darek holds up his hand with a chuckle "Those are my parents we're talking about. They're crazy, but they're mine." He says.

Blake sighs and sits back down.

Blake and Darek have been getting uncomfortably close. Their bromance is almost too much for me to handle right now.

I pick up the phone and groan as I hear the conversation on the other end "I'll tell her, Jesus! Can't you just trust me for once?!" I hear Dareks mom on the other end and roll my eyes.

This isn't helping their case.

"Hello? Teal?" She asks.

"Hello Mrs. Lowe. Everything is fine, Your kids are fine." I tell her.

"I know, I know... I was just wondering if insurance covered the hospital bills. Did the nurse say anything about our new insurance plan?"

"It's all covered, Mrs. Lowe. I really need you to only call if it's an emergency, okay? I'm not going to answer again if the next call isn't an emergency. I'm sorry but minimal contact and minimal stress was the doctors orders." I tell her.

I hear silence on the other end then a dial tone.

I frown and look at the phone in my hand "Did she just hang up on me?" I ask looking at Darek.

"Don't know. Probably. My parents are rude when they're stressed." He says with a shrug.

I groan and walk over to sit in the middle of Blake and Darek.

The second I do so is the second I feel perfectly content, yet so conflicted and uncomfortable.

These two guys are two of the most important people in my life.

It doesn't help that they're also two people I have feelings for.

Sitting between them just feels weird. Even if we are all friends.

I think they can sense the fact I'm a bit uncomfortable. I know they can tell I'm uncomfortable.

Blake and Darek know me better than anyone else in the world. Darek does because he's my best friend, and Blake does because it's his job.

I look from one gorgeous man to the other and just close my eyes and run a hand through my hair.

How did my life become so complicated so quickly?

"I'm seriously concerned about this bromance happening here..." I say shaking my head as I see what game they're playing.

I just bust out laughing. "This is what you guys have been playing all day?"

They both laugh as they realize how ridiculous this looks to me.

"Okay, You guys have officially bonded too much over the span of a week. I'm gonna have to ask you to tone it down before I walk in on you guys sucking each other's dicks In my household." I say getting up and blocking the TV.

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