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"What the hell is this?!" Blake becomes more agitated by the second.

"They were here! They were right here! You've got to be fucking kidding me!" He yells as paces around angrily.

"How did they take these?" He asks holding up the contents of the box.

They're hundreds, maybe even thousands of pictures of me. At school, at the gym, at the store, in my house, outside my house... sleeping.

I'm completely terrified. How could they take so many pictures of me? How can I trust my closest friends if the only people who have been around me that much is them?

But it's the necklace that was laying on top that has me and Jason in tears.

The fingerprint necklace with our fingerprints on it and our initials on it... T and J.

Blake shakes his head and sits on the couch with his head in his hands.

He groans before getting the box and dumping it onto the ground.

"What are you doing?" I ask through tears.

"I'm taking the photos of you alone and separating them from photos of you with other people. We can eliminate suspects by seeing who you were photographed with." He says rapidly flipping through pictures.

"Let me help you." Jason says as he leads me over to where Blake sits.

I purse my lips to try and hold back my tears as I hold up the necklace and inspect the charms.

"Oh god." I breathe before I drop he necklace and start crying. It really is our fingerprints... It's not fake.

Blake and Jason both look at me and shake their heads "What?" Blake asks.

I just look at Jason and shake my head as the tears begin to uncontrollably fall. I can't speak, I can't breathe... I can hardly think.

What does this even mean? Were they kidnapped?

I take in a shaky breath before saying to Jason "it's not fake... Jay, it's hers. It's Mom's necklace." I tell him.

"No..." he trails off and I nod as I feel Blake's arm wrap around me tightly.

"What does that mean?" Jason asks.

"It means that this has been going on a lot longer than we thought." Blake says quietly.

I feel my blood run cold as Jason shuffles through the pictures, the lower he gets, the less recent the photos get.

My tears almost instantly dry up when my whole body is replaced with anger and pain.

"That motherfucker has been stalking me since eighth grade!" I say as I dump the box out and quickly pick up the photo of me walking home with Darek on our last day of middle school. I have my graduation certificate and dress on.

I don't wear dresses, so I know exactly when I wore this.

"This has been going on since the eighth grade?!" I demand.

Jason shakes his head. "I think there's more than one photo attached to each photo" he says pulling one picture apart to reveal another photo.

"It's just a blurred picture." I say.

Blake shakes his head. "No, it's a puzzle. Do you think you can put these in order by date, Teal?" Blake asks.

I shake my head as I look at all of the photos. "I... I don't know." I say scanning the pictures.

"You might have to try. This could tell us something... About Mom and Dad." Jason says.

I bite my lip and look at Blake who puts his hand on my arm. "You can do this, just think... you have a amazing memory, I know you can do this." He tells me.

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