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              Today is the day of the hearing.
I would be lying if I said I was confident going into this that the result will be good.

I already know the case against me, and I really have no other evidence aside from Jason's testimony.

Since Teal is still unconscious, Jason will be my witness today.

He and I are sitting beside Teal waiting for the results from the doctor. After we get her brain scan back, we will leave for the hearing.

Jason looks at Teal. He's tired. His eyes look tired.

I look at Teal and I sigh.

"So what is the likelihood that this goes in your favor?" Jason asks.

"Not good... if I lose today's case-" I trail off and just look down at the floor.

I can't get emotional with Jason, then I will get even more emotional with Teal.

"You can never see us again." Jason says sullenly.

I nod and just take a deep breath. "I'm not ready to say goodbye." I tell him.

There's a silence.

We are just taking everything in.

"You love her, don't you?" Jason asks. I'm about to speak but he looks over at me and adds; "As more than just a friend."

I swallow hard and just nod my head.

"Did you guys ever...?" He trails off.

"No. We kissed once. That was it." I tell him. "It was in front of the whole school and her friends were getting suspicious. At the hearing, if it comes up, I'm planning to lie and say it was a publicity stunt."

Jason nods "So I should go along with it? Say it was planned out."

"Yes, please." I respond.

"What else should I expect today?" He asks.

"I honestly have no idea. I've only been a witness to one of these before." I tell him.

"How'd it go?"

"Bad. But he had it coming. He was a crooked agent." I say with a shrug.

I look over at Teal's gorgeous features. She seems to have more color in her face today.

"Anything else I should be prepared for?" Jason asks.

I shake my head "Not really. Aside from my feelings, which they can't prove, I technically haven't crossed any unprofessional lines. The only thing they have on me is this." I tell him.

"I put her here, it could've been avoided, and I put her into the line of danger. That will be hard to refute." I inform him.

He swallows hard and nods.

Only seconds later, we both shoot out of our chairs when the doctor walks in.

"Hello!" The cheery doctor says with a smile.

"So we got the brain scans back and by some miracle, everything looks completely normal aside from some swelling. She has a concussion. It's not mild, but it's not severe."

The doctor pauses as Jason and I let out a long breathe of relief. I feel like someone just shot me up with energy.

"However, she's still unconscious, which means she must've hit just the right place to put her into a coma. We aren't 100% in the clear until she wakes up, but she should be fine." The doctor says.

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