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"I'm so excited, dude." Kade says giving Blake a bro hug.

"So am I." Darek says also giving Blake a bro hug.

"It will be great." Blake assures them before pulling me back to him.

Darek actually smiles at me and I'm left questioning what the hell is happening.

He also gives me a look and I know it means that we will be talking later.

"Thank you guys for saving me from those freaks." I say to Kade and Darek.

They both smile as I go to hug them both. "And thank you guys for keeping me mentally stable." I say to Sam and Jackie, also hugging them.

"No problem." They all say.

"Well. We should all head out. See you guys tomorrow?" Darek asks.

Blake nods and I smile softly. I'm still reeling from all the events that just took place. At least something good came out of all this.

Once they leave, Blake and I grab our stuff and leave the school.

I'm still clinging to him when he get to his car.

I look up at him and he looks down at me, smiling. "What?" He asks.

"Thank you." I finally tell him. He smiles down at me. "Of course." He says softly. But I shake my head "For everything." I add, my voice hardly a whisper.

He smiles and places his hand gently on the side of my face. "Absolutely." I smile at his touch.

His eyes stare into mine and I never want to leave this position.

He opens the door for me and I hesitantly get in.

He gets to the drivers side and starts the car. We get out of the parking lot quicker than I can blink.

We listen to music and both sing at the top of our lungs on the way to his house.

I feel the sensation before I even feel his hand on top of mine. He laces his fingers between mine and holds my hand as he drives and sings.

I just admire his gorgeous face as he focuses on the road. His voice sends electricity though me and our voices together causes goosebumps to cover my body.

The long dirt road appears covered with more snow than I remember.

Winter is coming up on us quickly. Winter break is just after tryouts. It's crazy how quickly things happen.

Then right after break, season starts again.

His house is soon in sight and he pulls into the familiar driveway.

I get out of the car and he is almost instantly by my side.

Say what you want about Blake, but he is damn good at his job. Even after what happened today, I still feel safe when I'm with him.

When we go to open the door, Bella instantly jumps onto Blake and then she migrates to me.

Jason dropped her off back at Blake's place today after he took all the dogs to the dog park out here.

Bella's been staying with us since the night we stayed here last.

She gets a bit too excited as we push our way past her into the house, she leaps onto Blake as he is in mid-stride and completely knocks him off balance.

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