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Blake just had to look better than me today. (Which isn't new)

His long sleeve three button down white sweater hugged his body tightly, showing off his muscles.

To make me even more hot and bothered, he is wearing a leather jacket, which he pulls off incredibly well.

He has on a silver cross necklace. it's small but it looks fantastic on him. He is wearing dark blue jeans and white vans.

He looks... incredible.

We were both pretty quiet ever since my dog pulled off his towel.

But he finally speaks after a short silence.

"Anything happening today?" He asks. It's a Thursday so I don't think there's anything significant.

I frown before shaking my head no.

"Good. Then I'm taking you out tonight. And we are taking pictures. Lots of them." I'm curious as to why we are doing this, but I'm willing to be surprised.

A small moment of silence passes once more and he shyly asks the question that's been hanging over us for a while now.

"How much did you se-" "All of it." I finish before he can.

He sighs deeply. "Well looks like there's nothing left to the imagination." He simply states.

I laugh at his response. He's concerned he's ruined the mystery?

He laughs with me. We pull Into the parking lot and the stares already begin.

"At least you haven't seen what I can do with it." He adds before mischievously winking at me before he gets out of the car, leaving me a wide mouthed, amused heap of shock.

He opens my door for me and I swat at his arm. He chuckles at my reaction. "You'll catch flies." He says before closing my mouth gently with two fingers.

People around us are probably sold on the fact that we are the most adorable couple to attend this shit hole.

I try to get the image out of my head, but it lingers like a clingy boyfriend.

Speaking of boyfriends....

My attention is instantly drawn to a familiar face. A face that doesn't go to this school. Liam. My ex boyfriend.

Liam's gaze meets mine and I freeze in my tracks. Blake instantly stops and stands to face me.

"What's wrong?" He asks. But he isn't blocking the line of sight between Liam and I.

I shake my head and divert my eyes to Blake's comforting ones.

"C-can we stay here for a second?" I stutter.

Blake's head whips around to meet my line of sight. His eyes rest on Liam and he seems to put to and too together.

"Who is he?" He asks switching into defensive mode.

I just stand there in shock. It's like I'm frozen. I haven't faced that asshole since I kicked him to the curb. I wanted to keep it that way.

"That's Liam..." I say hesitantly.

Blake looks back again and chuckles "That kid with horrible fashion sense?" He teases, trying to make me feel better.

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