Part Nineteen

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Angelica lay on her bed in the breeze, tear drops slowly wetting her cheeks. She had exposed one of her worst memories to a man who had bought them all back. Not only has she exposed her darkest memory, she had hugged him and cried on his shoulder, before abruptly pushing him away and running up the stairs.

She had heard what Gabriel had said on the phone. She had hoped that they didn't hurt Greg, but also hoped he didn't act rashly towards the savage who had raped her. No, she wasn't feeling bad for him. She wanted him to face the consequences, but the thought that he may die due to her tellings hurt her. She had always been so innocent and calm, that the thought of a life being taken away because of her left her chest in pain. She had no idea as to what Gabriel would do.

Would he kill him? Would he torture him? He was ruthless. The bruises on her body proved that. Just because she had slightly opened up to him, didn't mean she was beginning to like him. She was scared. What if he had hurt her to get the information he wanted. The thoughts were endless, until she came to one conclusion. She had to escape. She didn't want him. He forced himself upon her, physically, mentally and emotionally. To top it off, he left all her belongings such as family photos strewn in her home, or what was left of it. He had ripped her away.

She hated him. She hated his very being. She wanted her family, but most of all, she wanted her father. She always thought he was above watching over her, and if he really was, what would he be feeling. His daughter, the limelight of his life, his princess, his diamond, was being treated horribly by his forced son-in-law. She was scarred by him. She was taken away by him, and placed on an island that she couldn't get away from. He always knew what she was doing.

She was a bird in a cage. The only thing she wanted was freedom. And she was determined to get it.


Gabriel stood there, stunned. He was angry. He was stressed. Not only had he found out that his wife was hurt, raped, but she had nearly opened unto him, until she shoved him hard and ran upstairs. He didn't know why he had such high hopes. He had hurt her. A mere apology wouldn't have helped anything. Nothing would have. Her birthday was ruined, he's sure that she thought her future was ruined, and to top it off, Christmas was three days away, and she wasn't where she wished to be to celebrate it.

He felt at war with himself. He had ruined her, he had attacked her emotions. He had ripped her away. His more primal side said he was wrong. He knows she was forced into something she never wanted, but seeing her in her sheer pyjamas, hearing her gasp under his touch, he needed her. The way her hourglass shaped body pressed against his made him go wild. Gabriel was hungry for her.

Cutting out of his thoughts, his phone rang.

"Boss? We found him".

"Good. Take him in. You know what I want", and with that, Gabriel had ended his call. What would his beauty think at what he wanted to do. Just the mere thought of a man touching any woman in that way sickened him to his core. He wanted to rip the person to shreds. Hurt him in every way possible.

Walking to his office, he sat down and rubbed his temples. Picking up the phone, he rang Daniel.

"Gabriel", came a stoic voice after the phone has been picked up.

"Daniel, I-".

"Enough, it is over now. I just hope you treat her like she deserves to be. Grant her every wish. You know who she reminds me of". Gabriel's fists clenched.

"I am here to talk about the person that should be escorted to the warehouse".

"Greg, his name appears to be. We did a back ground search on him. Family died in a house fire, he was left homeless. Much a jewel in Angelica's eye we see. From witnesses, it appears he thinks fondly of her, and her him. I assume he remind her almost of her father. He is also famous within that Jackson lad and his father, Frank".

"I see".

"I think we should appoint him as Angelica's bodyguard". Now Gabriel was stunned.


"We managed to track down the CCTV footage of the alley way Angelica was....hurt in. He saved her. He risked his life to help her. Who knew what could have happened to him when he intervened. We will have to speak to him once he wakes up". Gabriel pondered over the information given to him.

"Make him her bodyguard. Offer it to him. Even if not, we shall make sure he has a job and a home. He deserves repayment for helping Angelica".

There was silence on the phone. Nothing could be heard but breathing. No doubt Gabriel thought that Daniel was thinking.

"We need to discuss some things".

"And what is it that we need to discuss?".

"You have changed since you found her. Both in a bad and a good way. You have found love, and for that, you are softening. I have been waiting for you to find your queen. But not like you have gone through. I am disappointed in you Gabriel. When she finds out - and trust me she will - about the depth of our work, and what you do, how you do things, she will be scared of you. Even more so than she already is. I just hope you're ready. I hope you're ready to face the consequences. You have pulled a beautiful flower from her stem. There is always calm before the storm".

With that, Daniel had hung up and Gabriel sat there. He knew she needed to know about his past. She needed to know what he did. It was basic really. For Gabriel to climb to the top, he fought many, murdered those who were unjust to him, and exercised illegal activities such as smuggling. He just hoped Angelica would see the good that had come out of his actions. He couldn't bare it any longer.

He loved her. Obsessed, possessed and dreamt about her. He lusted after her beauty and craved her touch. Yes it seemed horrid. The mere thought of a woman being stolen for a selfish mans needs, but it went deeper than that. He loved her. Her innocence, her kindness, her selfless acts and dreams to help others. She contained everything he lacked as a person.

She was the puzzle piece he was missing. Leaning bad into his chair, Gabriel closed his eyes and thought about what his best friend has said to him.

"There is always calm before the storm".

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