Part Twenty One

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The evening had once again settled on the island. Dark blue hues began to adorn the sky as the sun had finally set. The moon and stars shining brightly above, creating a serene and calm feeling. The only thing opposing it? The sound of Angelica's heart beat.

The plan she had formulated stuck with her like glue. She would wait for Gabriel to fall asleep, and she would sneak out. She had already made a long rope out of bed sheets to help her escape from the balcony outside her bedroom doors. Running along the beach, she would find the port where all the mens boats had docked for her 'wedding'. If they had yachts, then he must have one too. For emergencies. There had to be something. She needed to search, and fast. The island was small, and even if she hid among the tropical trees, she feared Gabriel would still find her. Slowly getting up, she walked to her closet.

Clothes. Racks of them littering each drawer and hanger. Picking out a t-shirt, sweats and her old sneakers, she got dressed. Making sure she had her fathers pocket watch around her neck, she trotted to the door quietly. Opening in slightly, she stuck her head out. The bedroom door where he had laid the night before was shut, the hallway lights off, and no sound to be heard. Clipping her door shut, she began her plan.

Tying the long rope of sheets to one of the bars on the balcony, she tested it's strength. She would fall on half sand and half concrete flooring if she wasn't careful. And unluckily for her, the first floor had high ceilings. She needed to climb quickly but quietly if she wanted to escape to find a yacht of some kind, and even then, she wasn't even certain that Gabriel had one.

"Gabriel", Angelica whispered. The very name sent tingle down her body, and a rush of fear through her veins. She had no remorse for leaving him here on the island. What she hadn't had thought was where she'd drive this boat to. His men would find her. She was sure of it. He was an underworld king. No doubt he had connections everywhere. No doubt, he would find her, and bring her back to the island home, bars on windows, and stricter locks on doors. It seemed to her that her balcony doors where the only ones that were unlocked, for her to gain some sort of outside air possibly.

Breathing in, she began to to twist the sheets in her hand. One leg was over her balcony, and then the other. Five metres down. She looked up to the sky and cringed. She had to do this quickly. Luckily for her, she was small, and didn't weigh too much. The balcony fencing seemed to be high and sturdy. Letting her feet hang on the edge, she took a leap.

Angelica was hanging in mid air and slowly began to make her way down.

"Cor, I need to go to the gym", she muttered.

Shimmying down, she made it to the ground. She sighed. She had never been so relieved. Her plan was going well, until she looked up.

Gabriel sat among a large leather office chair, with his hands behind his head. Taking a step back, he smirked at her. His eyes were dark. Pitch black. Obsidian.

"Run", he mouthed to her, giving her a bone chilling smile.

Only one word and Angelica bolted towards the shoreline. Tears began to stream down her face as she heard a bang of some doors behind her, and one very animalistic roar behind her. Only one thing went through her mind.

"I am going to die tonight".


As Gabriel sat there, contemplating the words that Daniel had told him. Every time he closed his eyes, the words would chime through his mind like bells. Something bad was going to happen, and it was going to happen very soon.

Gabriel had every man working for him onto their surroundings. Someone was going to try and over throw him, or even worse. Someone knew of Angelica, and they were going to harm her to get to him. He wouldn't ever allow it to happen. He was going to protect her, no matter what. He was going to protect her, even if it cost him his life. She was his love, his wife. She was his everything.

Sitting back in his chair, he thought back to the men that had tried to hurt him, that has hurt him, that wished for him to be dead. The main man? The one who littered his body with scars. He was nasty. He was cruel, even crueler than Gabriel himself. He was the man who took away everything from him, and Daniel. The man who ripped away the trio of brothers. Gabriel, Daniel and Caleb.

Caleb was a young boy, who looked up to Gabriel and Daniel. Loved the idea of business. In fact, he wanted to follow his older brothers footsteps and become the CEO of an award winning, multi-billion pound company. He wanted to earn money and give to orphanages.

Caleb himself was an orphan. With all his family dead, the government threw him to a foster home without care. His foster family loved him, but alas, passed away as his family had. In a car accident. A head on collision, of which the horrible photos of evidence found their way onto the front page of nearly every newspaper in London.

Being 16, he grew up on the streets instead, until one day, Gabriel and Daniel had found him fighting for money. Taking him on, they helped him. It wasn't until the day the ruthless man killed him, that Gabriel and Daniel became as they are. Sure, Daniel seemed to have sense, but that doesn't mean he couldn't easily kill in cold blood.

Anger rippled through him as he thought about the day he saw his younger brothers body, bloodied and beaten, and unmoving. He had gone through the torture and pain to save him, but never could. Gabriel closed his eyes tightly and then opened them. He repeated this until he saw a long rope dangling outside his window. Slightly turning his chair, he watched as his angel climbed down it slowly. He may have appeared to be calm, but his eyes told a different story. He had already lost Caleb, and he wasn't willing to lose his wife.

Watching her reach the ground, he saw her dust off her hands and smile slightly until she looked up and saw him. She stepped back slightly, as he began to watch her shiver. He smirked at her.

"Run", he mouthed to her. Speeding away on foot, he stood up and stormed towards his office doors, slamming them open. Letting out his growl that shot fear through grown men, he fisted his hands.

Breathing in, he began to run after her.

If she wanted a chase, a chase is what she would get.

And boy, did Gabriel enjoy every second of it.

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