Part Thirty Five

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Marcus' marble floors were no longer glossy white with grey and black streaked undertones. Pools of sticky, red liquid had painted the once shiny entrance to the large building. The sounds of men groans and grunts echoed in each hallway, surrounded by the noise of bullets. 

Glass had smashed over the stairs, scattered with broken items of furniture. No one knew who was winning. The more Marcus' men were wiped out, the more seconds and third came along, blocking each and every exit that could be found. It was a bloodbath of pure fury and anger that needed be let out in the form of violence. For years Marcus' men could not be tamed. Always causing issues between Gabriel's gang members and other gangs around the country, as well as on the border of France. 

Vermin is what they were. Each and every man - or most if not all - of Marcus' had committed some sort of unforgivable act. Sexual abuse and violence, murder, forcing teens to take drugs, domestic violence, illegal contact through to other gangs around the world, including rouge ex-triad members who wanted their lives spared by selling out drug and weapon bases to their old bosses. That didn't mean they weren't killed. Marcus' men belonged nowhere in life. They deserved no air to breathe. Each one deserved to be knocked to the ground, dead, or on their knees begging for forgiveness. 

Daniel snapped out of his enraged thoughts. He looked around quickly and noted all the men were still fighting. He watched as his men were standing by them, loyally, just like family. He watched as Marcus' men fought like rats against their enemy, some even stepping back as if to run away. He gazed over each person and stopped at his brother and best friend, who was knocking a man to the ground like an animal fighting for what was his. 

Turning around quickly, Daniel threw back his fist and slammed into his on comers throat hard, then thrusting the base of his palm upwards at the mans nose, breaking it and fracturing the left side of his attackers cheek bone. Grabbing his gun, he slammed it onto the mans head, rendering him unconscious at his feet. Twisting slightly, Daniel ducked, a knife coming his way. He hadn't moved quick enough, and before he knew it, a knife was lodge into the upper part of his shoulder. Grunting softly, he looked up and let out a cruel and sadistic smile. Pulling the small knife out of his shoulder, he looked at the black and without blinking, he threw it at Marcus' mans shoulder. Watching the man pale over slightly, Daniel pulled out his gun and shot the man above his right kneecap, ensuring he wasn't able to walk. 

Swinging around, Daniel noticed the exit was free of men, and by the looks of it, Gabriel did too. Nodding at his brother, they both ran towards the exit, stopping at the large door. Pointing his gun in the air, Daniel let out three shots and backed out with Gabriel. Running to the closest car, they yanked open the doors. 

They were both able to get a look at their men. Gabriel's gang members knew what those three shots were. It was a code. It had meant that their leaders had gone, and they were left to finish the job. No fear was inside them and they felt no sense of abandonment. It meant that their leaders had great faith in them completing a job successfully. 

Gabriel locked the door as he opened the glove compartment for spare bullets as Daniel had chucked the found car into gear. He chuckled.

"Rule number one. Don't leave your keys in the ignition". 

Backing out as fast as he could, he noted in his rear view mirror that their men were piling out of the exits. He smirked darkly and turned to his brother, nodding his head backwards as if to say 'keep looking behind you'. 

As cars behind them began to move, Daniel put his foot down on the accelerator and knocked the buildings gates off their hinges, causing the car to dent and the headlights to shatter. This was no time to wait and assess damage. As the car was driving further and further away, Daniel watched his rear view mirror every few seconds. 

Then it happened. 

A large explosion emitted in the darkness, lighting up the trees around the building. A roar of fire licked at the house as smoke began to rise into the sky. Gabriel let out a dark laugh, looking ahead of him. The rage in his eyes was visible even to Daniel, who hadn't even seen his full face. The anger could be felt rolling off of him in waves. Someone had his wife. A man who had once shattered their emotions had his sister-in-law. Pressing down on the peddle, Daniel let out a sigh of impatience. They needed to get to the house quick, yet time seemed to be slowing on them. Even with top speed, the car wouldn't make it back to the mansion in under forty minutes.

The men drove quickly, and in silence. Nothing needed to be said. 

Moments had gone by, and neither of the two men had looked at the clock. All that they knew was the home was not far away. That wasn't what made them antsy. It was what they would find. None of them knew what they were going to walk in on. Daniel and Gabriel had only hoped that Angelica and her family were safe in the movie room. Not only was is impenetrable, but a shutter came down outside the door that matched the wall paper, essentially camouflaging the movie room, making it look as if nothing was there. Not many people knew about this. Not even all of the gang members knew about this, even if they were able to be trusted.

Gabriel had made it very clear to his top men that even some things were meant to be kept away from the lower ranks of men who worked for him. Especially after what had happened to Caleb. He was prepared for anything. Or so Daniel and he thought. 

Speeding up slightly faster, Gabriel picked up his phone from one of his closed pockets and made a call to the other men. Daniel looked on intently as he drove down the deserted gravel road. 

"We are nearing the house. Prepare yourselves and reload". Daniel heard the end beep of the phone and the anguish and pain in his brothers voice. He was scared. Although Daniel knew he would never admit it. He loved being full of pride and stubbornness. It was those two emotions that he knew his sister-in-law would kick out of him, if she stayed after everything was over that is. 

Daniel straightened his back and slapped his brothers arm with the back of his hand. As each tree moved passed in the subtle and calm moonlight, dread began to fill both beings. The house came into view, but that was not what worried them. 

Dozens of cars were strewn across the front of the home, windows were smashed and the front door was hanging off a hinge, with what looked like a shot gun hole through the lock area. Men scattered over the lawn, some fighting, some dead. 

Daniel came to an abrupt stop and flung his door open, pulling out his gun, as did Gabriel, both shooting two people in the process. Running towards the house, Gabriel nodded at each of his men he could see pulling up, pointing to their line of defence. Like ants, each gang member split into their groups. Daniel noted that the group that followed them was smaller than it had ben when they had left. 

Suddenly, all heads snapped up to the second floor of the house. 

An ear piercing scream was heard, full of pain and fear. 


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