Part Ten

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"Here is what you asked for boss. The dress, the certificate, and the lawyer will be here in ten minutes, along with some of your men. Is there anything else you need boss?".

"A cake, a cake. Chocolate with white icing".

"Yes boss. See you soon".

Gabriel sighed. Even though he was going to make Angelica his wife, he couldn't help but feel disgusted with his actions. He only ever hurt an enemy, yet the love of his life sat on the second floor of the island home, with bruise marks, in the shape of his hands and bite.

She had resisted him. She wasn't drawn to his looks or his charm at the cafe, yet he had every other woman at his feet. He knew she wouldn't want to be with him. She knew what he was. A business man, and a killer. He had to take her. She tried to run then, she tried to run from the island, and now, she had faced the 'consequences'. He needed her.

She made him feel things that he had never felt before. He felt alive. He felt like she could be the light of his life, yet he had made the mistake of showing his bad side. He knew he could treat her like a queen, he knew he could show her love. But how was he supposed to, when he never showed love to anyone. He knew he loved her, but he needed to show her in a way that wasn't so ruthless and possessive.


Gabriel shut his eyes tight and groaned in annoyance.

"OI, Gabe!?!?".

Daniel was walking through the front door, rage in his eyes. What Gabriel didn't expect was was the harsh blow to the side of his face, not once, but twice.

"YOU ASS!", Daniel roared, "How could you? How could you do that? I had to hear about what had happened through your workers! You kidnapped her?!?!".


"Don't! You are insufferable! You are possessive, obsessive and you don't share whats yours. As far as I have heard, all you have done is hurt her", pushing something in his hand towards Gabriel's chest.

Gabriel looked down and his eyes widened.

"Daddy, help me...".

He could hear Angelica's plea run through his head, and feel her faint in his arms. He knew she had dropped something, but didn't bother to pick it up. It was her fathers pocket watch.

"She takes it to the cafe sometimes, and wears in around her neck. How could you Gabriel? Of all women, you picked an innocent woman and-".

"I am in love with her" Gabriel whispered.

Daniels eyes widened, "What?".

"I am in love with her, she makes me so happy. I will not share her with anyone, she is mine and always will be. You are to be my witness, she is to be my wife".

"She cannot possibly be willing to do this! Her family are scared for her life an-".

"She isn't, especially after what I have done to her...".

"What did you d-". Daniel gasped in shock, and Gabriel followed his eyes.

There she was, covered in bruises and bite marks, dry blood still on her leg, tear stains down her face, wearing her tattered work clothing.

For the first time, Daniel had tears in his eyes. One droplet humiliating him, dripping down his cheek, at the same time Angelica began to well up with fear and sadness.


Angelica could hear many footsteps downstairs. Had someone come to save her? Or did Gabriel have other men round? She was so tired, but still couldn't bring herself to sleep, or sleep peacefully at that.

Stretching her legs, she felt her scabs open on her knee. Crawling to one of the doors in her room, she helped herself up by the doorknob. Opening up, it revealed to be a large walk in closet, with male and female clothes hung up all around, shoes, jackets, dresses, and even what looked to be some expensive jewellery. Leaning against the wall for support, Angelica limped towards the only other door, revealing a large marble bathroom, equipped to fit many people. A shower, a toilet. two sinks, a large jacuzzi like tub adorning the centre and a beautiful ornate rack, housing towels and robes.

Washing her face, she grabbed a towel and scabbed it dry, little bits of grime coming off her skin. She looked into the mirror. It was then that she had realised how much he had hurt her.

Lightly tracing the bruises that adorned her neck, she held her breath. He hurt her so much, he is forcing her to get married, she sees how possessive her is, but then why did she see love in his eyes.

If theres one things she could admit, it was that if she ever had a man in her life, she would want him to look at her with as much love as Gabriel had.

She wasn't ready for marriage. She had always vowed never to get married after her father had died. She wanted to complete university and then go back home, to look after her mum, then take her overseas to open an orphanage, and maybe even help her adopt a child to call her own. She didn't want his money, or a ring around her finger, and she certainly didn't want to be married to a man like him. Who knows what his rage would do to her. And the worst part? The island. No one would hear her screams.

Slowly walking out to the balcony, she gasped in happiness.

Boats. Many boats, with many men, but the key here was the boats. Maybe she get back home? Maybe she could see her family again, and be safe with Jackson, her brothers, Uncle Frank, her mother, and she would even be happy to see Greg, the homeless man who was always so kind to her.

Leaping to the middle of the room, she smiled in happiness. It was time for her to escape.

Opening the door, she began to hear voices echo through the house. Inching closer to the stairs she began to understand what the voices were saying.

"She takes it to the cafe sometimes, and wears in around her neck. How could you Gabriel? Of all women, you picked an innocent woman and-".

"I am in love with her" she heard her captor whisper.

"What?", another voice whisper yelled.

What? She was shocked. He even confessed her love to another person. Although it shocked her to her core, Angelica silently gasped. Her fathers pocket watch.

How could she have forgotten about it? It was her everything.

Tip-toeing down the stairs, she tried to make herself scarce. Luck wasn't on her side.

Looking up she saw Gabriel and another man gasp at her, tears running down his face. She was scared to say the least. Looking them over, she saw her fathers pocket watch in her captors hands, chain hanging in mid air. What were they going to do to her? What were the-.

"Mr Wright?", Angelica gasped. Walking over to her slowly, Daniel began to apologise to her.

"I am so sorry Angelica".

Backing away, she felt the wall hit her again. Tears rolled out of her eyes.

Mr Wright was a loyal customer who came to the cafe quite often. She had grown fond of his kind nature, even though he was quite a womaniser.

"Don't come near me!". Trying to slide away, she found herself in an open lounge room. Turning around she froze.

All the colour she had left in her drained from her face. Shaking her head, she began to whimper.

A wedding dress lay across the couch, with some diamonds in a clear glass box, along with papers and a certificate.

Daniel gazed at her sadly and looked over to Gabriel, giving him a dirty glare.

"I hate you".

Gabriel and Daniel whipped their heads towards her frame. Even though he had broken her, Gabriel was still taken away by her beauty.

His look became firm.

"I hate you", Angelica turned around and pointed at Gabriel. "I HATE YOU!".

Crumbling to the floor, she cried to herself. Looking at Gabriel again, Angelica let out in the smallest voice she had,

"I hate you, you monster. I will never love you".

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