Part Eighteen

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Pain was all Greg could feel. He didn't remember much of what had happened to him. Only that one minute he was dreaming of his family, and the next? A sharp prick to the neck.
Slowly adjusting himself, he began to open his eyes.

Blurred vision. The only thing he could make out was moving lights. Before he could regain full awareness, he felt his head lull to one side. 

A few hours later 

Adjusting himself in his chair, Greg fidgeted. His body had awoken from his drug induced slumber. A warehouse of sorts is what he found himself in. Him? He was situated right in the middle. Hands taped down, gag in his mouth and ankled tied to the chair legs. The only thing Greg wondered was, why was he there? He hand't done anything bad. He was a good person. Despite his thoughts, he was highly calm. If he was going to be killed, then he would accept it. He wanted to be with his family, but he never took his own life. He knew his family would be disappointed if he had. They would have wanted him to be happy. 

Looking up, Greg hadn't realised that he had company.

Two large men and one slightly smaller one stood but ten feet away from him. Straight faces adorned their features, as they looked at him. Greg wasn't scared. He stared back at the men, showing them courage.

"So you are the man Miss Angelica was so attached to".

Snapping his eyes up Greg began to yell through his gag. All that could be heard were his muffled shouts.

One of the larger men came up behind him. Bowing his head, Greg expected a harsh blow, however was greeted with the opposite. His gag was taken away from softly, and he was given water through a straw in a bottle.

"You are quite the brave man, aren't you?".

"I don't know what you are talking about", Greg's voice came out hoarse. 

"We aren't here to hurt you", the smaller one said.

"Allow me to introduce ourselves. I am Daniel, and here are Bruce", the left one nodded, "and Christopher".

"What do you wants and how do you know of Angelica". 

"Well, she is our bosses wife", Bruce muttered.

"YOU! You bastards! What have you done with her?". Greg began to rattle away in his chair, shaking. What his onlookers didn't realise was that his legs had broken free, along with his wrists. Not realising what would happen, Greg swung at Bruce. A fist to the side of the neck. 

"You!". Christopher had restrained him. 

"Calm down. Call for ice Christopher, I can handle him".

Greg didn't know what to do. 

"We want to thank you". What? Greg wasn't hearing properly.

"We...We found the video of Angelica the night she was-. The night that she was raped. We found you helping her. My best friend, the boss, he wanted us to find you and to assist you".

Greg was speechless. He had no idea on what to say and how to react. He just stood there. Flash backs of Angelicas horrible night ran through his mind. The way she was cornered and man handled. It made him sick.

"We noticed you have been homeless for quite sometime. Reading into your files, you haven't had a pretty life. We have decided to help you. Think of is as a repayment to helping our 'first lady'. We are offering you a job. A home. A large income. If you'd join us".

"Join you?".

"I am sure you have heard of Gabriel Rodrigo?".

Silence. Greg knew who the man was. Living on the street, he saw and heard some horrible things about that man, however he wasn't sure on what to believe.

"He would like you to join our group of sort-"

"You're in a gang. You mean gang? Mafia?".

Daniel paused. "Yes, that is what I mean".

"He wants to make you a bodyguard. Of Mrs Angelica Rodrigo. You would be working alongside Bruce and Christopher".

"Do I have a choice in this?".

"Of course. We will give you time to think. For the moment, we will give you a room and you will be paid for the time we have taken you. Men".

Before Greg could reply, he found himself being escorted through a long hallway and up some stairs. He couldn't believe his eyes. A large marble foyer greeted him. Shiny floors and a long staircase was to Greg's right, and a large formal seating area to his left. He was in awe.

"I take it you like what you see?" announced Christopher.

"Of course, I have never seen something so grand".

"We will take you to get some food, then you may shower and sleep".

"Thank you. I do apologise for hurting you".

"It is alright. It was bound to happen. We may not have your trust, however we do want you to know that Angelica is safe".

Following Bruce and Chris, Greg couldn't believe what was happening. He had been kidnapped and taken, only find out Angelica was married to a mafia leader? He was shocked to say the least.

Stopping at a large kitchen door, Greg walked in and smelt the food cooking. He had smelt it before, but couldn't put his finger on it.

"There you are men! I wa-".

SMASH. The plate the lady was carrying fell to the floor into small pieces. Looking up, the lady had tears in her eyes. She was frozen as had time along with her. Greg gazed at the woman, trying hard not to blink, in fear that she would disappear. 



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