Part Fourteen

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"Where could she be dad?!"

"Calm down son".

"He is right!".

"My sister is out there and we have no ide-".

"She is suppose-".

"Who wou-".


Jackson looked towards his father, startled. He had never seen his father so angry. Yes, as a child he was disciplined, but never so harshly. Frank had a distant, yet hard look in his eyes. The only girl he thought of as his own daughter had been missing for nearly three days. Today, being her birthday.

He had organised for her brothers and mother to see her and surprise her, yet all they found in her apartment were droplets of blood, an open window, a part of her bag strap and some shards of broken frame glass. It was obvious something tragic had happened. They had no idea on what to do.

On one hand, the police found no evidence. On the other hand, the police claimed that there was nothing out of the ordinary at her home apart from the glass. Jackson and everyone else found it all to strange.

Frank had shut shop to find his baby girl. He owed it to her father, to protect her.

"What are we going to go?".

"I don't know..".

"All I want is my baby home and safe in my arms". Angelica's mother cried on her sons shoulder, trying to gain comfort from the events that had taken place.

"We will find her aunty. That is a promise". Jackson had a determined look on his face. Whoever took his best friend would pay.


Gabriel noticed his wife stiffen on the chair by the breakfast bar. A little droplet of water from his hair had made its way onto her bare shoulder, making her body remain frigid. He didn't know what to say or how to say it. For the first time, he was speechless.

The smell in the house wafted through each and every corner of the home, making it feel warm. Making him feel happy. Noticing her turn around, he backed away slightly. He was so close to her that her face would have been right by his torso. He noticed her breath hitch. The way she stared at his lean body didn't go unnoticed by him, yet neither did her stares at his scars.

Lines, burns and hole like scars littered his chest from top to bottom, however one stood out. A long knife mark started at the corner of his left pectoral, slicing all the way down to his very defines v line. His wife let out a tear. Unknowingly to her, she had lifted her arm and traced each of his scars, slowly, as if he would be hurt by an ounce of pressure. Grazing her fingertips lightly on his most prominent scar, she dragged her fingers down his body, raising at every defined muscle.

He didn't know what to say. If she feared him as much as he thought, she would surely lock herself away if he told her about how he been tortured. Closing his eyes, he basked in her touch.

Opening them after a while, he saw her eyes gazing into his. Two diamonds dripped out of her eyes, onto her tan cheeks, rolling into the crevice of her neck.

"Don't cry, princess". He lightly whispered to her.

He stroked away her tear slowly as her hand pressed against his torso lightly.

"I'm sorry, Angel".


"I'm sorry, Angel", she heard him whisper. How could someone who was so cruel have such a soft and soothing voice?

Looking down, she saw his hand wrapped up lazily with a white cloth, blood slowly seeping through. Without thinking, she sat him down on the chair and grabbed the first aid kit she saw under the sink. Walking over to him, she grabbed his hand and unwrapped the cloth, wearily looking at his deep gash.

How could he be so careless? Grabbing out an alcoholic wipe, she dabbed in and around his cut, to disinfect any infectious threat. Whilst she dabbed, she didn't take notice of her lips moving closer to his.

Bandaging his hand up properly, she zipped up the kit and looked up. His face was a mere centimetre away from hers. She could feel his warm breath hitting her lips. Teasing her.

"Thank you, my love". Minty breath hit her lips as he spoke to her, so gently. Stepping back slightly she shivered.

"Are...Are you hungry? I made my special with orange cake...I saw you uhhhh-. I saw you took a liking to it at the cafe".

"Yes my love. Here let m-".

"No! You will ruin your bandages!".

Running over and grabbing a bowl, Angelica served him some fresh biryani, topping it with finely chopped coriander.

"Here, please eat". She didn't want him to get angry in anyway like before. He smashed something that could have harmed her, yet did harm him.

Watching him breath in the beautiful smell of fresh spices, he put a bite in his mouth and moaned a little bit. After taking her cake out of the oven, she grabbed herself some food and sat by him.

"This, angel, this is amazing". Before she could gather herself he lifted her off the seat and spun her around, smiling at her widely. No this wasn't one of malicious intent. It was one of true love. He loved her. That she could see. She felt giddy inside her stomach, for he spun her around and around and didn't put her down.

"I could come home to your beautiful face and food every day, my wife".

She froze in his arms. She was his wife. She had forgotten what had happened in her moment of happiness whilst she cooked away her sorrows. She knew he had noticed her discomfort.

Squirming out of his grip, Angelica pushed herself away, but slipped in the process. Feeling herself being turned around, she fell onto Gabriel's hard chest, lips against his neck, hands on his torso.

He had twisted himself under to protect her from falling. Looking up, Angelica gazed into her husbands eyes, slowly leaning towards his lips.

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