Part Twenty Five

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For years, he had been planning to take Gabriel and Daniel down. For years, he had wanted to destroy Gabriel's empire from the day it had begun. He didn't want some petty little child to take it away from him.

Taking Caleb away and torturing him was the best and the worst thing he had ever done. A weak spot was hit and wounded both men, but that didn't weaken them. Forces were made stronger, made to be unbroken. The strength and power of Gabriel's underworld had increased. Daniel had grown stronger. The two were unstoppable at what it was that they had wanted.

Gabriel had broken the train of injustice. Less people were trafficked, less children were used as soldiers, less drugs were distributed around, making other empires fall. The dirty work was all for money. For riches. But most importantly? Control. He had his control once. The poor bowed down to him like filthy unfed dogs. He took their children. Sold them. Raped their women. Murdered their fathers. Forced them to make drugs. Forced them to distribute them. He had control. Until Gabriel came. The underworld was no longer empire after empire. It was empire to rule all others. And he felt it was time to fully take back what was his. Greed fuelled him like a lit fire.



"Here's the file you asked for".

"Hmmm, good job. Now leave". Glancing at the door, he watched his man shut the door.

He laughed slightly, looking down at the photo of the young medical student. His constant craving for power ignited his passion for destruction. After Gabriel and Daniel were taken care of, he would be the one to rule over all. He would be the one to make governments fall. He would bring the world to its knees in front of him.

After all, he wants to play God.


Sitting in the private jet, Gabriel clenched his jaw and his fists. No, he wasn't angry about the fear Angelica had towards his men, but to her thoughts plaguing her mind like a disease. He knew he shouldn't have told her anything. He knew deep down that she wasn't ready to know. Hell, she wasn't even ready to know what he fully did, but that wasn't all. She was going to find out one way or another. He just say there in anguish, hoping and even praying that her mind wouldn't be too swayed.

Who was Gabriel kidding. Of course she would be swayed. After all, he had done such horrible things to her. Why would she not see his job as a reason to fear and hate him even more than she already did.

Looking down, he cast his eyes upon his watch. Not long until they landed.
Standing up, Gabriel cracked his neck and flexed his arms. He was tense. He was growing angrier and angrier by the second.

He knew whoever was after his wife had killed Caleb. He knew what they would do to her should they take her away from him. Picking up his glass off the plush wooden table, he threw it hard, shattering into small pieces. He didn't want to hurt anyone, like he nearly had on the yacht from his island to the plane base. He didn't want to scare his angel. Hearing a soft click, Gabriel looked up to the door ahead of him. One of his men had pushed his head through the door assessing the noisy situation. Looking up at his boss, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

"I am fine. Thank you", Gabriel muttered. Noting his shocked face, Gabriel watched his man duck away quickly, slamming the door slightly behind him.

Sighing deeply, he began to walk over to the other door in the room he was in. Located behind the seats, he inched his way closer and closed until he came to a stop, placing his large tan hand on the barrier between him and his wife. Taking his time contemplate the sudden events, he let out a soft huff. He had to face her. It was now or when they landed. Suddenly the latter option didn't seem so decent. Slowly moving his hand to the lock on the door, he unclasped the latch, and walked in quietly.

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