Part Thirty Seven

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An ear piercing scream was heard, full of pain and fear.


Gabriel fell into a state of emotional shock. A scream he had never wished to hear echoed from what was once his immaculate home into his gardens surrounding the now broken and damaged house. It was as if time had stopped. The high pitched scream of a young woman in pain hit each and every one of Gabriel's men. 

It was as if Gabriel was able to comprehend everything around him, yet not move his own two feet. He could hear his heart beat bouncing in and out of his chest, taunting almost about what he was about to discover. Teasing him about not being able to keep his promise to his wife. To keep her safe. Every inch of Gabriel's body began to feel heavy. He had already lost so much. Daniel had already lost so much, yet now he had found happiness once again, he almost felt it getting ripped away from him. Tearing away at his life like a piece of old worn out paper. 

His breaths came out long and light, as if he had forgotten how to breath. His mind was clouded and worried for his wife. His woman. His angel. 

What was he going to find? What was he going to see? Would she be unharmed? Would she be protected by his men? Were her family okay? Questions sped through his mind like a fast car, until he felt a harsh blow to his back. 

Falling forwards, Gabriel turned around. How long had he been in shock for? His men and Marcus' men were fighting all around him. It was like a war zone. Gabriel searched for Daniel and saw him not far from where he had previously stood. 

"We have to go. NOW!", Daniel yelled at his brother. 

Without further thinking, Daniel and Gabriel bound up the entrance to the home as quickly as they could, grazes littering their bodies. Entering the foyer, Gabriel and Daniel were not ready for what they saw. Blood was dripping off the walls and the floor as if someone had painted the home in a fresh red colour. Debris, furniture, and men lay in areas, even some women. The fight had not stopped for them, no. Men still continued to achieve dominance between each other as they landed harsh blows to their opponents, inflicting further damage with weapons, whether it be a small knife, to a gun. 

Gabriel didn't think when he had kidnapped his wife. He didn't want her to be involved with this. His promise to her was broken. He promised to protect her. He promised to make sure she was safe, along with her family, yet here he stood in a blood bath caused by a mans insatiable desire for power and revenge. 

It was a nightmare come true. The hard work Gabriel and Daniel had spent making sure the streets were kept as clean and safe as they could. Ensuring that no man wold ever stand up to them for power, stand up to them to get rid of them, stand up to them to create chaos and havoc. Only a man as blind as Marcus' could ever want to wreak havoc in a place like Britain. Foolish. He could never achieve what he wanted. No one liked Marcus. There was sure to be some sort of attack, if not from Gabriel's side, then most certainly for another. 

It was truly sickening. Everyone in the business knew you never hurt one's family, unless it was truly out of revenge. In turn, Marcus wasn't allowed to hurt Gabriel or Daniel and their families. The deed was done. What goes around, comes around. And for Marcus' brother? It did. The feud should have ended a long time ago. 

"Gabriel!", Daniel yelled out once again. 

"Go! Go find her!", Daniel shouted towards his brother, struggling slightly against an attacker. Nodding his head towards Gabriel, Daniel began to fight the assailant head on, not before nodding off at Gabriel.

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