Part Thirty Eight

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She could hear footsteps becoming louder and louder down the gravel of the drive way to her house. Quickly pulling out of her bathroom, she threw on some clothing and he favourite socks, rushing towards the front door of her parents home. 

Turning the door knob to the door, she flung the door wide open, looking out for the culprit of the noise. A smile painted onto her face from ear to ear. 

"Dad!", she giggled with her arms out. 

A man inched through the threshold of the front door, placing his bag on the ground as he did so. She ran into his arms, and pressed her face against his chest. 

"Hi sweetheart".

"How was your flight here? Mum missed you a lot this time".

"I know", he muttered. Signing up to his lips as she looked up lovingly at her father, he motioned her to stay quiet. Walking slowly passed the entrance, Angelica watched as her father snuck up behind her mother, slowly grabbing had hips and hugging her from behind. She heard as her mother gasped in shock. They embraced one another like young lovers who vowed to always be together. 

That's always how it had been in Angelica's home. Full of love. 

Not soon after, her bothers had exited a room to come and greet their father. Angelica isolated her whole family. She wished to have a family and a love just like her mother had. Angelica gazed out at her fathers garden. Hopefully what she wished for would come true. 

The reality wasn't what she had once wished it could be. She could barely stand. The pain racking through her body sent jolts down her like lightning to the ground. Her knees pressed against the carpet, but it didn't feel soft. Her knees felt like they were pressed against hard concrete. Her hair felt like it was being ripped out of her skull as her captor tightened her locks around his fist, gripping every few seconds, like a snake, constricting itself more and more to incapacitate its prey. 


That's all she was in this game of revenge and demise. She was being used a pawn to alter her husbands emotions. To be used as some sort of emotional leverage. This was what everything had resulted to. The pain and the anguish of being stolen away from her home, forcefully married, thrust into a world she wanted nothing to do with. Now being used like a chess piece in a game she never once belonged in. 

Her captor tightened her hair around his fist again, earning a gasp from her beaten and bruised face. Yanking her hair back, he face was exposed to every person in the room. 

Before she had time to blink, a harsh slap was delivered to the left side of her once glowing face. He her was let go of and wrapped around another fist, but this time, it was more harsh and dominating. She felt a cold aura engulf her body like she was being dragged into the icy depths of the ocean. She wanted to open her eyes, but her fear would not let her. She relied on what she could hear, and at that moment, she could only hear the soft wind blowing through the windows, and footsteps walking around her kneeling figure. 

"Don't you touch her Marcus!", Angelica heard Daniel yell. 

The footsteps marched away from her instantly and Angelica's hair was set free. Only ten second after did she hear the sound of a harsh punch and a manly grunt. 

"You should learn how to shut your mouth. You bloody would, if you knew what was good for you and the whore", a rancid voice erupted. 

She knew he was talking about her. Silence ensued, and after only a few moments, as brash and merciless laugh echoed through the room. 

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