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Hi readers and followers,

If you'd like a little look into my private life, then please feel free to have a little scan through my Instagram.

A lot of people ask me what I do for hobbies or when I'm free from university.

The answer is travelling, exploring and doing professional Henna (mehendi).

At the age of 20, I have travelled to over 18 places. Some of the places have been revisited over the years (Egypt is my favourite place to go. I feel a connection there with the people and more. I have been there three times).

I have my parents to thank for the wonderful places I've been to.

I've only recently started posting up more photos. I do hope you like what you see.

My Instagram is: mishkimish

Have a lovely day and I do hope you liked the update. I will follow you back on Instagram.

To all my Sikh/Punjabi readers, Happy Vaisakhi for last Friday!

Yours truly,


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