Part Thirteen

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The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. There Angelica was, seated at a gorgeously done up dining table, hands in her lap, eyes looking down at the floor. She could feel his gaze on her. With little ease, Angelica managed to bring her face up to his eyes, serving him as his swished around the Whiskey in his glass.

She was stronger than this. She had to be. She had to get out. However at that moment she was too sad. She was remembering how she would have spent her birthday...

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear little cupcake! Happy Birthday to you!"

Feeling the arms of everyone she loved around her, looking at a brightly done up Christmas tree, getting gifts that she didn't even ask for. Being spoilt rotten. Angelica could picture the smiles on everyones faces. The happiness everyone would have been sharing...


Her name being called took her out of her daze. Little did she realise that her cheeks were wet with salty tears, little did she realise her food had gone cold, and little did she realise the rage in Gabriel's eyes when she had accidentally ignored him, making him realise what she was thinking about. 


She screamed slightly and stood up abruptly, almost knocking her chair over in the process. The glass that laid in his hands was now shattered on the floor, golden honey liquid mixing with the little shards. Pulling her hands to her mouth, Angelica silently gasped, looking at the mess before her. Staring at the floor to him in utter shock, she whimpered slightly, seeing his hands clench by the sides of his body, glaring at her, as if to tell her to never think about her family again. 

Slowly, she began to step away from the table. Inch by inch took a long time, for she did not want to anger him and have a repeat of what had happened the night before. No, for she was already scared he would do what he wanted with her. 

A few hours later

Angelica had slowly slipped away into 'her' room, taking the dress off softly, and putting on a lose shirt and light sweatpants from the cupboard she was provided with. She tossed and turned on the bed she was in, itching to break free. Cooking. That what wold help her. 

Stealthily, she pattered down the stairs and made her way to a large and beautiful kitchen, equipped like a professional kitchen. Raiding the pantries and the fridge, she found all the ingredients she needed. She was going to make her fathers favourite Indian dish - Biryani - accompanied with her famous orange cake for dessert. 

Whisking away and starting her cooking, she began to fill the beach house with smells that had never filled any area on the island. As the meat cooked for the biryani, Angelica whipped up her orange cake and placed it in the oven. Slowly shutting the oven door, she sighed. She had cleaned as she had cooked, and felt much better compared to how she felt when she first entered the house. Aside helping people, cooking seemed to be her passion. 

Turning around slowly, she walked over to the sink and washed her hands, drying them on a polka dot towelette. Angelica sat down at the breakfast table and gazed at the clock. It read 9:55PM. Before she could react, she felt a presence behind her, along with a warm water droplet upon her shoulder. 


She looks ravishing in that dress. 

Beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous. Angelic.


Gabriel's thoughts were running wild. He knew she wold be feisty once she adjusted, and that made it all the better. He hadn't picked wrong. His parents would be proud. Maybe not for the kidnapping, but for choosing her as his bride. She was everything he ever wanted in a woman. Gorgeous, sexy, eye catching, yet hardworking, smart and extremely caring. She was the one to help him and his ruthless ways. That he knew. 

Taking her to the dining table, he sat her down by the dinner that was cooked unknowingly to her by a maid that had been in the home whilst they were signing papers. 

Swirling his whiskey around in his cup, he viewed his wife. Her eyes were sad and downcast. He knew what she was thinking about, he knew what she was wanting, yet she didn't say it. 

He called her name. Once. Twice. Three times. She didn't answer. 


She looked up at him, and his breath hitched in his throat. She ignored him. She dared to think about her family. Gabriel grew angry with rage, smashing his glass on the floor in the process. 


He heard her let out a small scream. Glaring at her, he let her body take small steps backwards, which ended up in his angel whisking around the corner as she picked up the bottom of the long red silk fabric. 

Growling, Gabriel began to pick up the mess he had made. 

Yet AGAIN he had scared her. Yet AGAIN he had made her fear him. Yet AGAIN, he had released his rage near her. He cradled a sharp piece of glass in his palm, slicing through his skin. It didn't hurt him anymore. He had been through so much physical pain that he didn't feel an ounce of it. Ripping a beautiful white cotton towelette from the table, he wrapped up his hand and headed straight to the gym to work off his anger. 

A few hours later...

Walking out of the gym covered in sweat, Gabriel walked to his bathroom. washing himself clean, he grabbed a fluffy dark coloured towel and wrapped around the back of his neck, along with some sweatpants for his lower half. Slowly edging out of his room, whilst he wrapped up his hand like a child would, Gabriel abruptly stopped. The house. It was full of a beautiful smell. But where was it coming from?

Inching down the stairs cautiously, Gabriel made his way to the kitchen and what he saw surprised him. There was a cake in the oven, and something cooking above the gas stove. 

The aromas wafted through the beach house, making it feel warm. Making it feel alive. 

Slowly walking towards his wife, he stopped behind her, droplets of water from his hair making there way  onto her shoulders.

He noticed her stiffen. 

To my readers, 

I do apologise for the wait of this chapter, and do apologise for it being so mediocre! I am so happy that you have all been able to support me. Just like my character - Angelica - my birthday is the 21st of December. Last year (2015), two days after my birthday, it was my fathers 54th birthday -  the 23rd December. On that day he passed away suddenly. Due to these circumstances I will be travelling this Christmas to be with my family as this is the first anniversary of his passing. I do apologise in advance if I update every 7 days instead of 5 as I will be quite busy and may not always be free.

Again, I do appreciate the support and the love from all of you and am so pleased to know that you do enjoy reading my work! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below or via a private message (preferably via message over wattpad). 

Thank you all and please do have a wonderful transition into the Christmas month! 

Yours truly,


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