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The feared Crimson King by MsDarkerdays
The feared Crimson Kingby MsDarkerdays
I flinch as his hand reaches to my face, and aggressively pulls down the cloak from my head. He surveys my tear stained face and jewelry all the way down to my dress. T...
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Trapped By A Devil  by bigapplebei
Trapped By A Devil by bigapplebei
'Why are you so cruel to me ? What have I ever done to you ?' ,she asked with hoarse voice , when he pulled from her lips to look into her teary hazel eyes. 'Do you want...
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Forced to Marry a Mafia Leader by WardaAhmed414
Forced to Marry a Mafia Leaderby Warda Ahmed
Rosalin Jones is a 21 years old girl who lives a normal life with her family until her dad owes the 28 years old mafia leader Riccardo Rossi money. Riccardo Rossi decid...
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Hopeless (Yandere Homeless Boy X Female Reader) by FoodLover159
Hopeless (Yandere Homeless Boy X FoodLover
You were just a normal college student, trying to balance school and life. That was until you met him, and invited him into your house. Your life changed forever... ...
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In debt (Yandere Golden Boys x reader) by Hebianco
In debt (Yandere Golden Boys x yandere_for_potatoes
(Yandere Popular Boy x reader) Eight years ago she owed him anything. Today, eight years later, she's still paying off her debt. It's one simple thing, right? Just sta...
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Bonded by WaitingForEnd
Bondedby WaitingForEnd
Lord Tarquin was the lethal war lord ready to take over King Samuel's kingdom. Jza was the determined princess fighting to save her father's kingdom and her half sisters...
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Bullied into diapers by Rissrob
Bullied into diapersby Rissrob
This is a story about a boy who get bullied at school into wearing diapers.
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His Little games by salaire77
His Little gamesby Lola
Tight bras and tiny panties...Callum liked girls in those. Jenna needed a job. She need one desperately. But when she doesn't have much to offer her boss, apart from her...
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Most Wanted by heyheyshay
Most Wantedby heyheyshay
She was their heaven...but they only brought her hell.
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literotica (18+) by cloud-loud
literotica (18+)by w
from (not mine)
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《• R E B I R T H •》[ Muzan X OC ] by GutsyNinja28
《• R E B I R T H •》[ Muzan X OC ]by GutsyNinja28
"She was the only exception among the humans he loathe so much." Naomi Ubuyashiki is Kagaya's younger sister who has the unique ability to tell whether someone...
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Where is Izuku Midoriya by vk_dekus_dead
Where is Izuku Midoriyaby What am I doing?
Deku had always saw his and Todoroki's relationship as just friendly, but Todoroki wanted more. And what happens when our favorite dual haired teen can't stand seeing hi...
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Ravisher by Adheeshree
Ravisherby Adheeshree
He took my everything. He caged me. He abused me. He ravished me. He came like a storm in my life but he doesn't intend to leave like a storm.
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Unwillingly, His by AnnaBWalker
Unwillingly, Hisby AnnaBWalker
#2 in Mafia ~ 18/04/20 #17 in Kill ~ 06/04/20. "Do you take Francisco D' Romero as your lawfully wedded husband". The voice came out almost as a threat. I loo...
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Forced to Be Their Baby Boy  by JackieStokes
Forced to Be Their Baby Boy by JackieStokes
Cooper is 18 years old and just graduated high school. He works at a local cafe as a waiter and plans to start online classes in the fall if he can save enough money. He...
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Caught  by BethImagines
Caught by Beth
"you can scream louder than that" ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Mature content and themes are in this book. Read responsibly .
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Taken by phantomgirl3
Takenby ❤️Sabrina❤️
Alexandra Fayth Reid-Isherwood is a small innocent 16 year old girl, who at the age of 13 lost both of her parents in a car crash. She was quickly moved from Maine to Wa...
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Not Willing To Love Again by Joan0324
Not Willing To Love Againby Joan Dorantes
Bella just lost the love of her life, her family is broke and she has no job. When her friend Alice finds a job for her as the maid of the most cold, arrogant rich man o...
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* Babygirl  by runieee
* Babygirl by runieee
A little lady stays at Highlers college, and is under cover to get a job done, Jasmin Gardenia. With her innocent looks and her adorable face, who would think she would...
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Wanted By Him by queen3forever
Wanted By Himby queen3forever
21 year old Izabel lived a normal life. She lived in an apartment,Had good friends,worked at a supermarket. And of all mother who abandon her. But her life takes a turn...
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