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Forced feminization stories  by s0dap0pc
Forced feminization stories by Twfan
Stories about boys being forced to become girls
Meri Pheli Khaata ( my first mistake) by mehshanaya
Meri Pheli Khaata ( my first mehshanaya
#2-mumbai #1-hatelove #3-forced "Samridhi " naina said my name with too excitement. " what happened why are you shouting " i asked her. "my ma...
Experiments by animemonkeyboy
Experimentsby animemonkeyboy
Ray is an Intersex human meaning she has both male and female parts, when a experiment foundation found out about this they took her and offered to pay her to help them...
Replacement  by naehal123
Replacement by naehal123
Mahir is a single father of a 3 year old girl, aarvi and a 4 months old son, manas. His ex wife cheats on him. Earlier he used to be a funny and flirty and take care of...
The Forced Marriage With The Werewolf Prince [Completed] by Mystery_Angel6
The Forced Marriage With The Mystery_Angel6
Daniel Rodriguez. Who would say that the once caring and fun loving playboy would turn into a heartless man. The one who was destined for him betrayed him...twice. He do...
BLUE ORCHID- VK - Werewolf/forced by rabisworld02
BLUE ORCHID- VK - Werewolf/forcedby Rabi
Omega trembled under the intense gaze of Alpha who growled at the peachy scent of the male sitting delicately only, who looked up with fear and tears in his eyes. Alpha...
Wanted By Him by queen3forever
Wanted By Himby queen3forever
21 year old Izabel lived a normal life. She lived in an apartment,Had good friends,worked at a supermarket. And of all mother who abandon her. But her life takes a turn...
Married to a Married girl by GontyalaMadhumathi
Married to a Married girlby Kimbap's mochimochi taekook
She is a widow. The moment she became a widow was the moment she became his. He saw her in her miserable state that is when her husband died. And he is obsessed with her...
Misuim's FunLand by Totally_Not_Braydon
Misuim's FunLandby The_Bored_One27
Misuim, a slutty girl that just moved in town, wants to have some fun.
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Forced Love by thiccynickiminaj
Forced Loveby ellie🗿
Her father always told her love isn't forced, but even loved ones you trust the most, betray you. She is betrothed to a man she hates, but time changes everything. Even...
I will make you only mine by MyLoveForDreams
I will make you only mineby The Creative Dreamer
"SSSSHHHHH... What did I say, you are here to listen, so let me complete. Your family's torture is not what I want. I want you, and now listen what I'll do to you a...
His Light, Her Darkness by FoggyCloudyWords
His Light, Her Darknessby FoggyCloudyWords
"You are mine!" He roars. "I will do whatever it takes to make you know that. Whether it means I lock you up in a prison and throw away the key." Foo...
Twisted by NaughtyBlonde
Twistedby sexymama abby
Mia is in for the shock of a lifetime when her new husband turns out to be a completely different person after the honeymoon. Not only did he lie about being poor, but S...
Im Owning You (EngVersion) by YG-Inasha
Im Owning You (EngVersion)by YG-Inasha
"P-Please, I beg you not to continue!" I said tearfully as I felt the hot liquid coming from my eyes "Let go of my promise I-I won't report you" I cr...
Forced Baby: a BTS Fanfiction by ehh_okay
Forced Baby: a BTS Fanfictionby your basement goblin
Taehyung is kidnapped by two mysterious males in his own home and is forced to become their baby. STARTED: April 7, 2019 ENDED: September 18, 2019 #1 in Littles out of...
You Can't Handle The Pain by ThatHatDude
You Can't Handle The Painby Corei
I'm just greedy, so I'd rather have three than one. Make this easy and love Daddy~ - Darkiplier Warning, this story contains: DDLB SEX RAPE STRONG LANGUAGE BRAINWASHING ...
Matilda the Bear (ABDL/Hypnotization/Bondage/Diaper) by horatiohusky
Matilda the Bear (ABDL/ horatiopup!
There's a reason why they tell you that you shouldn't wander off into the woods late at night, but when you're a rambunctious teenage girl who doesn't care to listen to...
Forced To Marry The King by robinlover11620
Forced To Marry The Kingby robinlover11620
Princess Elise is forced to marry a cruel and evil king due to an agreement between him and her abusive parents. She grew up forced to be perfect or be a failure. Now sh...
ETERNAL OBSESSION by Failia_Baighaan
It is neither love nor lust. It was nothing but an Obsession. And I am nothing but his ETERNAL OBSESSION. *** Violet Cadhill, A normal girl, enjoying her life and doing...
Alpha's Young Mate  by anikabushralubna
Alpha's Young Mate by Anikabushra lubna
#1 in young #4 in forced #3 in alpha #13 in innocent I am not good at writing descriptions. Just read the story. The chapters are short and easy to read