Part Twenty Four

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The sun rise was far from near. What had happened not long ago had felt like an event that lasted hours, yet it wasn't as long. Gabriel sat on his armchair, facing his wife who was now asleep on his office sofa. The dark, harsh hues of leather made her skin look even softer and creamier than it had before. No, he wasn't lusting over her like before. He was just observing her. His little angel. His spitfire.

He didn't know she had it in her to defy him. Shout at him. Rebel. And although it was new ground, he enjoyed it. He enjoyed the challenge. It seemed to be a change of pace. The amount of fear he struck into his peers was enough for them to never answer back. Even the scariest of men backed down from Gabriel, yet Angelica did. A small little woman who let loose like a canon. Gabriel smiled.

He knew now that what he had done was wrong. He knew what he had forced her into was like her own personal hell, when all he wanted to do was love and cherish her. Have someone by his side who acknowledged him for all the humanity he may have had left. Yet he had shown no humane characteristics to her. He was a monster in her eyes who ripped her away from what she had known, what she had depended on.

He didn't even tell her that they had taken Greg in and asked him to be her bodyguard. Whether or not he wanted to do it, he had no doubt in his mind that she not only would be appalled with his doings, but maybe even betrayed slightly, as Greg had taken refuge in the Mafia house.

Breathing in deeply, he tried to relax his tense muscles, but as his luck would have it, he seemed to be on edge. Jumping out of his thoughts, his phone began to ring. 

Wasting no time, he picked it up and clicked on the green icon, however before he could answer, his best friend let out an anger filled sentence.

"You need to come home. They know about her". Not sparing a second, Gabriel hung up and made a phone call to his men, asking for guards to make their was to his island. Immediately.  Grabbing his gun and placing it in the waistband of his pants, he stood up and walked towards his angel. Lifting her up in his arms, he began to walk out of his office and up the stairs towards the master bedroom. As he laid her on his bed, she began to awaken. Yawning slightly, Gabriel smiled at her. A genuine smile. And it didn't go unnoticed. 


Feeling herself being moved onto a soft mattress, Angelica found herself awakening. Letting out a cute yawn, she gazed up at her husband, shocked to the core. She saw him smiling. He really smiled. And as much as she may hate him, she couldn't deny how unbelievably handsome he looked when he did. His eyes glistened as if he had everything he ever wanted in front of him, and smile reached his eyes, and to make things even better for Angelica, he had the tiniest dimples that formed when he did. 

It was too contagious for her, and she chuckled.

"You should smile more often, Gabriel", Angelica whispered.

"Why?", he replied instantly. It was like he knew what she thought of his smile, and he just wanted to hear her say it.

Without wanting to seem slightly intimidated by his form, she let out he response in a small tone.

"It makes you look very handsome".

"You mean it makes me look more human?".

Angelica looked down. She meant what she had said, but she couldn't deny it. He was speaking the truth. He didn't look so, so monstrous. Casting her eyes down to her hands, she began to fiddle with her fingernails and wedding ring now and again. It sparkled every time her hands moved slightly into a ray of light. 

"Why did you move me?", Angelica asked, finally plucking up the courage to look at Gabriel again. His smile may have disappeared, but his eyes still showed how he was feeling. Stressed and unhappy. 

"We are leaving, princess. Leaving the island". 

Angelica sat there in shock. What was happening? Was he letting her go home? He was! He must have been! She was going to see all her family and friends again, and maybe even spend Christmas with Jackson and his family. A sudden rush of excitement stroked her spine, and he cheeks began to redden slightly. Of course happiness like that would show on her face. Her smile was growing in size as all of the possibilities ran through her head. She hadn't even organised a gift for Greg, and she needed to as soon as she could. Without thinking, she stood up and ran to Gabriel, wrapping her arms around him. 

Although he didn't expect it, he caught her and lightly wrapped his arms around her, enjoying her closeness, but clenching his jaw in disdain. He knew what she was thinking. It was impossible not to know. 

"You're...You're taking me back aren't you! I am so happy, I get to see my family. I am so hap-", Angelica abruptly stopped. She noted his jaw sharpening as his anger grew. Slowly taking her arms off him, she stepped back and slowly lifted his hands off her body.

"You aren't taking me home are you?", she whispered sadly.

"I would have taken you to your family if that was what you wished", he said lowly as Angelica looked at him with a slight smile, "but only for a visit. You are my wife. Even if you begged now, I wouldn't be able to take you back". Angelica's brows furrowed in confusion. 

"Some people have come to find out about you my Angel, and it is my duty to protect you and keep you away from harm". She followed Gabriel's gaze to the water surrounding the island. Small lights appeared on the edge, slowly becoming clearer and clearer. 

"Angel, get your shoes on, we must leave quickly". 

Too scared to argue, she put on her tatty old shoes and made sure her fathers watch was around her neck. Keeping the wedding ring on and the diamond earrings in her ears from Daniel, Angelica walked towards Gabriel who was waiting by the bedroom door. Looking at him, she realised his hand was out for her to take. 

Thinking for a moment, she decided to grab Gabriel's hand. Not knowing that the simple gesture meant so much more to Gabriel, than it did to her. 

Walking down the stairs, she noted twenty men standing in the foyer of the home. Some she remembered from her wedding day. Standing there awkwardly, she tried not to back away. Guns littered their bodies. Eight men had large guns, and the rest seems to have two hand guns in their waistbands. Her eyes widened. Gabriel had a gun in his waistband. Breathing in and out rapidly, Angelica's eyes began to water. 

If they had weapons. Weapons to kill. Who were they trying to protect her from? Fear shot down her spine. Her head started to spin. What had she been kidnapped into?  As her legs gave out, someone caught her. It definitely wasn't Gabriel. She knew his touch. And surprisingly it was what she wanted. 

"Boss!", a faint voice yelled in the background. Before she knew it, familiar hands were lifting her up and cradling her towards their chest. Gabriel's heartbeat softly lulled her headache into a dull thump, eventually dissipating into nothing. Her body felt heavy. Too heavy to even move.

Just as her eyes began to open slightly to look into Gabriel's, she began to shake and mumble incoherent words. Without realising what she had finally managed to say, Angelica's eyes rolled into the back of her head,  her body falling limp in her husbands arms. 

"Please don't let me go".

Little did she know, some wishes are not easily granted.

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