Part One

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"Angie! Angie!"

"Table 7 needs their order taken! Table 18 has coffees ready!"

"Angie! Angie!"

The jumble of noise within the cafe was giving Angelica a headache. The cafe was never so busy compared to this day, December the 1st. Christmas sales were huge in England. The hustle and the bustle of the streets was ever so high, and the cafe was full to the brim. Running her eyes around the cafe, she spots a little gap through the people, holding two coffees for table 18. 

"Angie! Angie!".

"Give me a minute Jackson!!".

Pushing her way through the small gap, Angie reaches her table. Apologising for the long wait she rushes back to the counter to grab her pad and paper.

"Boy you better stop calling my name that loud or I shall get over there and whoop your sorry ass!".

"Sorry darling, I just cannot help it. You become so cute and flustered, now go ahead and take-".

Jackson abruptly stopped. The only noise that could be heard in the cafe was the small bell above the door, signalling more customers. Angelica became confused. What's stopped all the hustle and bustle in the store? She thought to herself. The cafe becomes pin drop silent. The only thing Angie feels is the soft fingers of Jackson, slowly pulling her towards his protective chest. Even more confused, Angelica looks up at Jackson, his face showing no emotion, apart from two. Fear and worry. 

"Jack", she whispered in a hazy daze, "What's wron-".

Jackson signals for her to keep het mouth shut. Slowly getting pulled behind him, Angie hears the office door of the cafe open. Out stumbles Jackson's father, Frank. 

Angie giggled a little. He had always been a second father to her. Just as Jackson had been a brother. No matter what the occasion, Frank always managed to do something clumsy. Standing next to his son, both strapping over 6ft tall, he begins to speak,

"Now now, let's not let the Christmas celebrations come to an end! Please carry on!".

Smiling at Angie, Frank pecks her head and cheek, 

"Now dear, I would like you to stay out back with Jackie boy here. Our new customers are very influential and dangerous people, and I do not want them to hurt you in anyway. Go flower, be safe in the kitchen. Run along now".

Angie watched Frank fix himself up and walk through the crowd of people. 

"Darn it" she muttered, "Why do I have to be so short". Standing at a 5ft 2 inch height, she cursed herself. If only she could see through the crowd to make sure her Uncle Frank was okay. 

Jackson slowly took her hand and guided her inside the kitchen. 

"Let the boys handle this one, cupcake".


Standing in his penthouse styled office, Gabriel looked out upon the city of London.  

"The job has been taken care of boss".

"We will take leave now Boss, thank you and goodnight".

Two buff looking men stepped back and exited out of the office, not daring to say anything else. 

Boss's rules were simple: Respect, obedience and hard work. 

Luckily for Gabriel, Bruce and Christopher had always delivered.

"Gabe, let's get coffee man, you need to lighten up.  I know of this great place downtown". 

"No, I am no-".

"I am not taking no for an answer Gabe, get up and let us go". Daniel Wright. He had always been the most annoying and insufferable man, yet he made his way into the circle of Gabriel, and ended up with the title of being his best friend. Strutting out he yelled out to his ruthless best friend,

"I will be waiting by the car, be there in 3 minutes!".

Gabriel sighed angrily and got up, "Why me and him!?".

Going downstairs he eyes his workers carefully. Everything needed to be done with precision and care. His hard work was NOT to be trifled with. He has poured his blood and sweat into his Billion Pound company and he would be damned to see it fall. Of course, not all of his money was made legally per say, but he did literally bleed for it. 

Driving downtown with Daniel was odd today. Daniel seemed quite happy. Smirking, Gabe asked his friend, "Was the hooker from last night that good or did you just make another round of money?". 

Daniel only laughed at him and parked his car. The people on the streets may have been many, but that stopped no one from gawking at his new and very expensive car. 

Gabriel, stepped out and people parted ways for him. He abruptly stopped. 

"-and yes I made a lot of money and-WHOA! Gabe, man what's wrong? Yeah I know this cafe looks bad but it is amazing!". 

Rambling on and on, Daniel hadn't realised that Gabriel wasn't listening. Gabriel was mesmerised by the beauty through the glass. Her smile, her long deep and dark brown hair, her gemstone like eyes, her soft tan skin, and her figure, so petite and fragile, yet voluptuous and womanly. He felt his chest constrict. He made his eyes narrow in on her. His fists clenched seeing her body brush up against all the male customers getting through to what it looked like as the front counter, scolding the boy by the kitchen. Walking inside, the cafe stopped with its loud music of voices. Watching her was all he was doing. Being pulled behind a mere 'boy' behind the counter. He grew livid. He craved to see her face even one more time, to stroke her soft cheeks, to feel her small body pressed against his. And to not see any other male touching her. A voice cut him out of his thoughts. 

"-elebrations come to an end! Please carry on!". He saw the old looking man step towards the girl he had seen. Towering above most, Gabriel could see everything. Standing taller than Jackson at 6ft and 5 inches, his eyes managed to train on the long ringlets of hair. He watched as the old man kissed her head and cheek, and then watched the boy slowly take her to the kitchen. 

He growled. He wanted her. And what he wants, he always gets. 

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