Part Seventeen

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Pin drop silence adorned the island beach house.
Not a sound could be heard. Not even the beautiful sound of the ocean hitting the shoreline softly as the moonlight gleamed down, glistening over the ripples of the water, like diamonds.

Gabriel's world had stopped. He was numb to his core. His wife was supposed to be his. His wife was supposed to be loved and cherished. He wanted to be her first. To show her how soft he could be. To show his angel how beautiful she should feel. And some scum had ruined it for her and for him.

Taking a deep breath, Gabriel took his phone out of his pocket and dialled straight through to Daniel as he watched his wife gaze off through the kitchen windows, a distant and sad look on her face.

"I want you to get video footage of a soup kitchen near Angelicas home for around a year ago. I don't care how long it takes. You will find a video of her. And a man. Find the man and take him to the room". Gabriel angrily ended the phone angrily and ran his bandaged hand through his hair.

In a swift movement Gabriel took his wife in his arms and hugged her tight. burying his head in her neck. To his surprise, his wife had hugged back, wrapping her small arms around his neck, slowly wetting his muscly shoulder.


"I wonder what has gotten into Gabriel".

Daniel was still angry at his best friend for ruining Angelica's happiness. No, it wasn't because he liked her. It wasn't because he wanted her. It was because he had seen his friend go mad for a girl and forced her to do things she didn't want. How could he do that to a young woman? She was happy where she was in life but it was ruined. He could only hope Angelica was okay.


Snapping out of his thoughts, he turned around. Standing in his home was Bruce and Christopher.

"Did you get what Gabriel had messaged you?".

"Yes sir, but you're not going to like what you find", Bruce's voice faltered.

Grabbing the discs in Christopher's hand, Daniel played a section of the footage the men were asked to find.

Turning on the TV, the three men watched as a woman was assaulted by a drunkard. The mans hands assaulted the woman repeatedly as she helplessly tried to fight off her attacker. Just as the poor girl was relentlessly assaulted and raped, a man came to her rescue, hurting the man in the process and helping the nearly unconscious girl.

Zooming in, the picture became more and more pixelated, but that didn't stop Daniel, Bruce and Christopher from seeing Gabriel's wife's face lolling backwards in another mans arms to what they assumed was safety.

Standing there in silence, all the men stared at the paused screen. Each had different thoughts running through their minds. The main one? How to find the man who had hurt their First Lady of sorts, and how to repay the man who helped her.


No one knew what Gregs past was. Everyone adored him, yet he never accepted any help. Just some spare change from time to time. Angelica and her friend and his family had been the best. They knew he didn't want much but that didn't stop them for getting him into a hotel for a week with some new clothes over Christmas.

According to Greg, she had spoiled him rotten.

He was a man with a family once. A wife. Children. Two beautiful sons. He hadn't seen them for three years. His house had caught fire, and when he had awoken in the hospital, the police had told him that no other bodies were found. They were assumed dead. Burnt into ashes along with all of his life. The three angels in his life were taken away.

A gas pipe had burst causing an explosion in his home. Greg was dragged out, fire licking at his body as he screamed for his family. Due to his trauma, no one wanted to hire him. Eventually the government stopped helping him and he became homeless. He didn't mind. Without his family, he was an empty shell. A house isn't a home without love, and without his family, a home would always be a house to him.

Looking up at the sky, he sighed. He had missed his lovely family. Susan - his wife - and his sons - Thomas and Jordan - never escaped his thoughts. Her often thought about what his life would be like now. They would have started school and his wife maybe would have had another child. Susan would be happy and he would feel on top of the world. But now? It wasn't possible.

Closing his eyes. He began to think. He had recently heard of the disappearance of Angelica. The girl who took people's breaths away. He even went to go and look for her, to no avail. Her home had been ransacked, and a duffel bag of broken photos had been strewn across the floor, almost as if Angelica had been forced out of her home by someone. Taken even. But no one would believe him. Someone in her apartment building told him that she thought the same. A little old elderly woman. But she had carers who told him that she was too old to comprehend what she had seen. So he had left it.

He prayed for her safety. He had always admired Angelica. He looked upon her as a daughter of sorts. Slowly closing his eyes, Greg fell asleep in his little sleeping bag near an alleyway, unaware of the two men watching him from across the road.

"Boss? We found him".

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