Part Twenty

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Greg was stunned. The once bright room was lit with confusion from the two men behind Greg, and the once shiny floor was covered with splashes of red sauce and pasta, along with shards of china from the broken oven bowl.

No one had the slightest idea as to what to do. There was no movement in the kitchen, just tears from the two lost lovers. Behind Greg, Bruce and Christopher stood, with an approaching Daniel. Before Daniel had time to speak he looked up at Susan and Greg staring at each other. It was as if time had stopped. Yet it had only been two minutes.

Love. Adoration. Yearning. Shock. These are just a few of the things that Greg was feeling as he gazed at a beautiful face he thought was gone, destroyed along with his sons. It felt like years that he stood there gazing at his wife. Without any warning, he walked over the glass and pulled his wife into a tight embrace. Her tears wetting his shoulder as her arm encircled his body, and his arms encapsulating hers. They held each other close and didn't let go, oblivious to the three men slowly walking out of the kitchen.

Emotions ran through the both of them, willing them to hold on tighter to each other, as if they would disappear if they let go.


"Oh, Greg!", Susan cried into his shoulder.

"I...I thought you were gone".

"We thought you had died in the fire an-".


Susan pulled away and smiled at him, slowly wiping away his tears. Greg adoringly fixated his eyes onto his beautiful wife. Her face hardly aged, aside a few wrinkles. But he loved it all the same. His wife. His woman. The girl who gave him everything he had desired. A home. Children.

"We ran out the house and tried to look for you, but by the time we had, the house had collapsed and overheard a fireman saying dead. I didn't believe it. I tried - WE tried to look for you, but found nothing".

"Sweetheart", Greg watched his wife intently as more tears cascaded down her face, "what are you doing here? With them?".

"The men? They helped us! They helped us find a small home and gave me a job. They gave the boys jobs too. They're nice people".

"They rule the underworld. Fights, drugs, murder..."

"We have lots to speak about. But you must know our boss is lovely. He makes the unjust just. There are reasons". Susan hiccupped.

"I trust you".

Holding onto his hand, Susan sobbed again. Her husband. The father of her children. The man she dreamed of was standing in front of her.

Letting go slightly, she grabbed some kitchen towels and picked up the food she had dropped. Greg watched her. His heart was beating out of his chest. The day was the best and the worst. He found out that Angelica had been taken and made a wife out of, he was asked to protect Angelica as a guard and he had found his wife. He didn't know what to make of it. Sitting in his thoughts, he didn't take heed of the two boys come men at the opposite doorway of the kitchen. His wife stood there and smiled sadly at him.

What had he been through to look so rough? To look so tired. To look so alone? But that he had been almost. Without the help of Angelica of Frank and his family, he would have been alone. He would have been terribly alone.


Greg snapped out of his thoughts and looked at his wife. He noticed that she had looked down, with tears in her eyes. Walking towards her, he abruptly stopped and looked to the side.

"J-Jordan? Thomas?".

"Dad", Thomas mustered. Again silence ensued until both boys ran to their father. Greg took Jordan in his left side and Thomas in his right.

"My boys", Greg began to cry softly.

"I love you. We missed you Dad".

"I missed you too kids. I missed you too".

"Boys!". Thomas and Jordan jumped.

"Let's get your father cleaned up, alright?".

Taking Greg's hand, Susan led him to a room up two flights of grand stairs. Opening the door, he gasped. A large room was in front of him. A large king sized bed against the back wall with beautiful bedside tables adorning each side, a large television sat in front of the bed, and a whole lounge set to the left. One wall had many books, and the other wall seems to have a doorway that led to an open closet and bathroom.

Turning around he gazed at his wife and laughed. A large hearty laugh. Lifting her up, she squealed as he spun her around, his sons gazing at their parents with adoration in their eyes. They hadn't seen their mother so happy. She had been so broken without him, she yearned for him, and to their luck, he was found. He was safe. Getting out some of her sons clothes, he escorted him to the bathroom as his sons sat on the couches. Shutting the door to the closet, Susan turned around and slowly started to undress Greg until he was down to nothing. She chocked a sob. Deep burn scars littered his torso and licked around the middle of his back. Grabbing his hand, she sat him in the tub as she filled it up with warm water and soap.

"It's not that bad, you know?", Greg whispered, "It was at first, but not anymore".


"I thought you were still inside. I needed to save you and the boys".

Picking up the bathing sponge, Susan began to massage her husbands shoulders, getting all the sweat and grime off at the same time. Taking her time, she cleaned him properly, slowly tracing the outlines of his scars. She was appalled. He was hurt. Badly. His left side looked like crinkled skin, that was even a different shade to his slightly dark one.

Getting him out of the tub, he dried himself as she gave him a toothbrush and some clothes.

"I will be outside when you're ready". Slowly walking out, Susan joined her babies on the couch, as Greg had cleaned himself up. Walking outside he smiled at his family before him.

"Dad? What happened to you?".

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