Part Thirty Three

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Gunshots could be heard everywhere around the house. She had convinced Greg to let her out of the movie room for one more drink and even told him they were so heavily guarded, so they would be safe. Secretly, she wanted to get her phone she was given by Daniel to call her husband to ensure all was well. What she didn't anticipate were the gunshots that would be fired through the kitchen window, missing her by one centimetre.

As soon as the alarm around the house went off, the movie room locked automatically and she had no idea on how to enter again. Glass was shattering and men were trying to keep her safe as they escorted her to the main bedroom. Greg shoved her into the room and pulled her by the arm to the walk in closet.

"Get under the long dresses and do NOT make a move", he whispered in a rushed tone, "Here".

Angelica looked down, a few tears running down her now reddened cheeks. A gun lay in in her hand, fully loaded.

"Use it if ANYTHING happens". Greg made her lock the door to the closet and ran off to help the other men. Even though she was hidden away in the long racks of clothing, she could still hear the shouts of men and the fighting. She had assumed Greg left the bedroom door open, as Gabriel had told her once before that the room was sound proofed. She had hoped everyone was okay, especially her family. Even though they were in the safe room, that didn't mean it was impossible to break into. She lay worried, as soft silks lay against her skin which had minor scratches on them from the shattered glass.

As Angelica leant her head against the back of the rack she was hiding in, she closed her eyes tightly, and held her ears as if she was trying to make some sort of mental escape. She wanted to be in her fathers loving arms, her mothers arms, her brothers arms and mostly, her husbands. The feeling startled her tired and slightly wounded body. After all he had done, after everything he had put her through, he had held his promise. To try and make her love him. He was doing a grand job.

He looked after he family and her, he aided them when they needed it and he looked after her, when one of her darkest nightmares resurfaced from the dark depths of her past. A casket she wished never to open again. Not even until her last breath. However fate was playing her it seemed. Her nightmare became real once more, and he life was becoming a battle field, literally and metaphorically. She thought back to Gabriel's past. The hours he spent on the plane with his head in her lap, explaining to her what his life was.

"You want to listen to my past?", he looked at her shocked.

She nodded her head slightly.

"I was born into a rich family. I belonged to the house of Rodrigo. My fathers parents lived with my mother, father and I. I loved them all with everything I had. I went to school and came home to a loving family. I lived a dream. I know my parents and grandparents worked hard for what they had, however somehow, I seemed to take them for granted. It wasn't until my twelfth birthday when I came home to utter chaos. Daniel was with me too. His parents worked with mine. Large vans and a few elegant cars littered my fathers driveway in a horrid manner, screech marks lay in the loose gravel and men with guns surrounded the house. I used to see a few around our home, but thought nothing of it. My parents never told me much, and you'll know why soon. I always pictured my fathers work to be amazing. I took over his company, tripling its size and worth. As Daniel and I approached, we hid in the bushes. We knew they were dangerous. It was obvious. As time went by, we had no idea what to do. We had no phones. No access to anything to call the police. Thats when the worst thing happened to us. Our parents, along with my grandmother were bought outside onto the drive way and forced onto their knees. One by one, each was shot in the head. The memory still sinks into my mind. I tried to run to them, but it was no use. Daniel held me back, tears down his cheeks, telling me we could do nothing and that we had to protect ourselves. As time went on, each man disappeared, and left our families bodies laying on the driveway. We ran to see what we could do, but it was too late".

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