Part Seven

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She was frozen. Frozen in place by the monsters eyes. Being pinned to the wall in his tight grip did not help her. Only one emotion ran through her. Fear.

How did she land in the situation? A simple medical student who worked at a cafe, now in the arms of a man who she deemed a killer. Shaking herself back into reality, she began to whimper lowly. She knew he could see her slowly convulsing body. She knew he was watching everything about her, from the way her chest rose up and down at an alarming rate, to the way her pupils dilated now and again, alerting him that she was confused. Who would want to be in her situation?

Fazing in and out, Angelica breathed in deeply, and stared into the eyes of her captor.

"What-", she gulped loudly, "What do you want from m-me?".

She shivered with anxiety. Was he going to kill her? Sell her? Rape her and leave her body on the deserted island? And the thought ran through her overworked head, until the monster spoke.

"I want you", he said deeply, slowly inching his already close face to her neck. She cried loudly.

She hated the feel of his hands trapping her against the wall. She felt like an estranged bird, in a cage, wanting to fly to safety.

"I-I want to go home! Please! Please let me go home!". Angelica began to fight his grip, feeling her already bruised arms ache against his tight grip. "I will give you anything you want! Please! I have little money, but I can give you anything you want!".

"No! I do not want your money. You. I want you! YOU ARE MINE!"

She screamed, how could this be happening to her?

"Please let me go", droplets of salty water adorned her tear streaked face once again.

"You are to be my wife!".

"I want go go home! I want Jackson!".

That was all it took. His patience was wearing thin. Slamming her against the wall, he screamed at her.

"YOU are MINE! No man is touch you, talk to you or even glance at you. You are mine. My woman. My wife!".

"No! I will never be yours!".
Using all her might, Angelica kicked Gabriel between the legs as hard she could, pushing him away with her palms.

Without blinking, she did it, and he felt it.
A slapping noise resounded through the dark room. Angelica had hit Gabriel across the face with all the strength she had.

"You are a monster!". Taking her chance, she ran around his slightly hunched form, swinging open the door to the room.

She had made her first mistake in his home.

She ran.

Down a hallway, and into another, she quickly got lost. Escaping the home, had slipped her mind. Escaping his wrath, however, made her sprint full force ahead, making sure to not encounter him, after she had raised her hand on him.


Clutching his manhood was one thing, being slapped by a woman, none the less the woman he loved was entirely different. He wasn't angry. He wasn't upset. He was in a rage.

"Ahhhhh!", he screamed. Growling, whilst holding his cheek, he couldn't take it.

"ANGELICA, YOU. ARE. MINE!". Flying out the door, Gabriel growled louder. Blood pumping through his veins, face red from fury, and of course, little Angelica's slap.

No, it didn't hurt him. He hardly felt a thing. Her slap was a little tap, compared to some of the beatings he had undergone, in his 'business'. With scars littering his body, he knew what pain was.

Following the sound of little Angelica's footsteps, Gabriel pursued. He needed to teach her a lesson. Like a lion stalking his prey, he sought after her.

"Come out my little Angel!".

Hearing her whimpers, and seeing her running down the staircase of his home, his eyes turned darker. Outrage. All he wanted was for her to love him. Yes, she had only been taken the day before, but he wanted her now. He wanted all her love, her kisses. How he wanted to feel her lips on his, or any part of his body for that matter. He wanted her to fall into his arms.

He was going to get what he wanted. She just didn't know it yet.

Leaping down the stairs after her, he saw her at the front door, trying to pull it open.

Smirking to himself, he slowed down to a menacing walk, radiating his power. Angelica was HIS. She had to do as he told her, not only because she belonged to him, but because he also had to protect her from prying eyes.

"Angelica, my love" Gabriel began to say dangerously, threatening her with his eyes, "Oh Angelica why do you run from me?".

"Leave me alone!", she shouted at him, trying to open the door.

Slowing to a halt, Gabriel crossed his arms against his chest.

"Where are you to go? You saw where we are. You and I, alone, on my private island. You and I alone, to do whatever we please", Gabriel said, in his deep voice.

"I hate you! Killer! Beast!".

Flinging the door open, Angelica thought she could get away, running out onto the sand surrounding his home.

"You my little bird, are trapped", Gabriel cunningly whispered.

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