Part Twenty Two

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He began with his story. Narrating each and every part out to them, as far as he could remember. He was asked to spare no detail. From the fire in his home, to the time he arrived at the house he was in now, Greg told his story. Not leaving out the part of Angelica and the drunkard.

Susan, Jordan and Thomas looked at Greg with adoration lighting up in their eyes. They knew their boss had finally found a woman. A woman that could maybe tame him and his beast. A woman that may help him ease his own inner pain. Susan knew it would take time though.

"She was such a lovely girl. She always tried to help. Her and her friend, his father and more. I never accepted it. Life isn't worth living if the people you love aren't by your side".

"We've been dreaming of this since the day of the fire", Thomas whispered.

"I am proud of you both, for looking after your mother, and I am even prouder that you are still here with her. When you were younger, your mother used to get emotional about her boys leaving for university", Greg chuckled. Susan was still speechless.

Out of nowhere, Greg's stomach began to rumble, loudly and aggressively.

"Food time!", Susan happily said. Standing up, she dusted herself off, addressing any crinkles in her clothing. Grabbing her hand, Greg stood up and walked to the bedroom door, Thomas and Jordan following on behind them. Walking down the stairs, Greg began to hear loud talking. Following the noise as it seemed, he waked into a dining room, full of at least 30 men, including Bruce and Christopher.

As he stood there and gazed at the men, and no doubt the food, the loud speaking became a low murmur. Men looking at Greg with stern eyes. An unknown man to them could be a threat.

"Oh stop it! I'd like to introduce to you all to my husband, the boys father, Greg", Susan let out.

One by one, the men stood up and shook Greg's hand, smiles lighting up on their faces, patting his back, the boys back's and then kissing Susan on the top go her hand.

"Come and sit!", one man slightly yelled.

Joining the table, Greg sat with his family and the people who helped them, eating more food than he had since the morning of his life's tragedy.

He finally felt at peace.


"I hate you! Let me go!", Angelica screamed. To Gabriel, it was loud and clear, but to anyone else, her voice would have been drowned out by the crashing of the waves.

"Let me go! Please!", Angelica tried to pry Gabriel's arms off her body, successfully getting free in her last attempt when she decided to bite his non bandaged hand.

"You!", she turned around and pointed her finger at him, accusing him, "You! You take me away from my home, you split me up from my family, by friends, kidnap me!". Gabriel took a step closer. His eyes were stormy, and growing darker with anger each time she spoke, but she didn't stop.

"You force me to marry you! You force yourself on me, bruise me, hurt me, all whilst keeping me locked away on an island! I HATE you! You are insufferable!". Breathing in and out rapidly, she noticed Gabriel slowly inching himself towards her. Without a thought, Angelica kicked sand up onto him, and as he flinched away, she ran again.

Before she knew it, the sand was dry, and her running became harder. Each footstep buried deep in the dry sand. She had lost her energy screaming at Gabriel and trying to escape, not thinking about what would happen to her body. Getting up to the house, she detoured and began to run around it, still hearing Gabriel run behind her.

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