Part Thirty Four

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The ride towards Marcus' home was long awaited and highly anticipated. Gabriel sat in the back of the truck alongside his brother and best friend. Black clothing littered their body. It sure felt odd for them to be dressed so differently, but that didn't change a thing.

They were both out for blood. Marcus not only killed Caleb, but he hurt many innocent people, even before he became the leader of his gang. Women were tortured, men were taken and beaten, children were admitted into a drug and prostitution ring, and even elderly people were taken and used as maids and butlers. He was a vile human who needed to be taken down from his post.

Even though Gabriel was strong in wealth and power, that didn't mean that other smaller gangs could be broken in to submission. They may have shown some sort of respect, but that didn't stop many of them from trying to earn more money, whether it be legal or illegal. Marcus was obviously one of these people.

Gabriel sneered slightly. He needed to clear his head, or he would not have full control of his anger. He wanted to kill Marcus, kill the boy who hurt Angelica and make Marcus' gang pay for all the wrongs they had committed. He wanted to torture Marcus.

This is what Gabriel had lived for. The thrill of the kill. The adrenaline rush that hit his head every time he asserted his rule. His power.

He truly wanted Marcus to know who was boss. Who was King.

Gabriel glanced at his brother, clad in dark fabrics, noticing his gaze head on.

"What do you think of, Daniel?". Daniels face didn't flinch or even move at the sound of his name being called. Instead he continues to sit, glancing at the road ahead, surprisingly calm. Silence ate away at Gabriel until his friend decided to reply.

"This day was supposed to come a long time ago. We knew what he was doing", Daniel replied in a cold voice.

"I kno-".

"No, of course you know, Boss. You know everything don't you?". Gabriel looked at his brother, with furrowed eyebrows.

"Ever since she came along, you turned soft. I was happy for you, but you didn't think did you? You didn't think for one second that neglecting your duties as a boss, a leader, and bringing a weakness into your life would cause issues. Don't get me wrong. I love her with my life. She is your wife, my sister. But this wasn't supposed to happen. Everyone knew you were gone from your office. Everyone saw you had approached someone in public, let alone a young woman. You bought her to a world full of lies, danger and secrets. This wasn't supposed to happen", Daniel muttered in a calm tone.

"You promised me, we promised each other that we wouldn't bring someone into out lives like Caleb again. Instead you did, and to top it off, it's not just her anymore, it's her family too. He blew up their pride and joy, all because of your obsession with her being 'the one'". Daniel turned and looked at his brother and sighed, grabbing onto his shoulder.

"But it's done. We will protect her and you know we will". Gabriel nodded.

Marcus' home seemed to be nearing and the time was close to come where blood would be spilled.

"Do you remember when we found him?", Daniel muttered to Gabriel.

"He was so young , so small. And fighting for what? Petty cash", Daniel laughed slightly under his breath, "and somehow I still regret taking him in". Gabriel's head shot to his brother, and noticed a tear in his eyes.

"We got him killed Gabriel. We got him killed when we swore we would protect him. To watch our baby brother die by our feet", Daniel managed to choke out in anger. Gabriel closed his eyes and took out a knife from his pocket. He opened his eyes and noticed that Daniel had done the same. Both of them cut a small slit into the palm of their hands.

"By our own blood, we will get revenge brother, just you wait", Gabriel muttered menacingly.

Both men looked forward in anticipation. Blood was going to spilled tonight, and this time? It wasn't going to be theirs.

An hour later

Gabriel and his men had arrived where it was going to end. One by one, the cars were stationed around the building and Gabriel and Daniel exited theirs, watching as their loyal men awaited their command. No words were said, Daniel nodded at each group of men and gazed at each of them as they moved swiftly to their stations.

As each second went by, Gabriel became more enthralled with the kill. He wanted to rip Marcus to shreds along with the boy who hurt his wife. They were going to pay for what they had done with their lives. No person under Gabriel was to go unpunished.

Gun at bay, Gabriel, Daniel, and some of his members leaked through the house like ants to food. They slowly came to a stop, and Daniel looked around. There was no noise. Silence filled the house hauntingly, as if the death had swept through.

"Something isn't right", Daniel whispered.

Gabriel glanced at Daniel and looked back around, nodding at his men to go forward. One by one, each man followed the hallways, until one came to a standstill.

He didn't move. Not even when his name was being called.

Gabriel watched intently as the man turned around with an emotionless face, pointing to what appeared to be in front of him. Following silently, Gabriel and Daniel stopped by their gang member, eyes tracing to where his once were. By the entrance of what seemed to be Marcus' office, a girl hung by a rope, naked and bruised. Her lifeless body was still in the air, not one solitary sway came from her skinny and pale body. Her hair appeared to be cut off, and tied around her wrists like bracelets.

Gabriel walked to the girl slightly, and looked at her body with no feeling. Reaching for her wrist, he noted her body was cold, which meant she had been dead for at least twenty four hours. Gabriel noted Daniel had moved forward, and gazed at the marks and writing on her body.

Whore. Slave. Toy. Slut.

Down by her feet, a note seemed to be attached. Daniel lifted it up and read it once over before giving it to Gabriel. In a matter of seconds, Gabriel ran towards the exit of the building, dropping the note on the ground. An animalistic look in his eyes appeared as he saw some of Marcus' men try and block his way out. Gabriel smirked, alongside his brother, who seemed to hold a dark glint in his eyes. They were both out for Marcus' head. And have it they would. As they began to get surrounded by men, Gabriel thought of the what was written on the note to fuel his desire for pain. These men were going to beg for their lives.

Oh look at what we have here,

A king as silent as the night.

He doesn't realise that this stupid little girl,

decided to put up a fight.

She tried to escape my clutches,

and here she hangs as a trophy,

see as you cast eyes your eyes upon her,

she had a name, and it was Sophie.

Pulled away from a whore house,

she was used by all my men,

they cast upon her skin a knife,

ready to make her beg for her end.

You call yourself a king,

and for that I laugh at your insanity,

you see here little boy,

the mafia doesn't hold humanity.

Your men surround this building,

hoping to end my life,

for that works in my favour,

because you're not going to save your wife.

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