Part Thirty One

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This was the fifth day Angelica had been unable to sleep due to the darkness that clouded her dreams. Screams, bloodshed, pain and anguish filled her mind every time she closed her eyes. It got so bad the night before that she had left small scratch marks on Gabriel's chest, screaming for him to help her family. Screaming at him, asking him the same question over and over again.


She dreaded the sleep that was going to consume her that evening. She wasn't ready. She even tried to sleep next to her mother, to no avail. Somehow her nightmares were worse. She didn't know what to do, so she took up her time tending to the four injured guards in the east wing of the home she was in. she didn't recognise it as hers and Gabriel's. She hadn't worked for anything there, so why should it be labelled as hers?

Dragging her tired and somehow slimmer body to the stairs, she began to walk towards her destination. Walking through the door, she noticed a few more guards in there than normal. However this time, it was unusual. Whispering was heard and some few loud words were uttered.

"Boss", "Why?", "What do you kn-?".

She had no idea what was going on, and her heavy head didn't help either.

"What's going on?", she mustered. Each man paused and looked at their lady, slowly parting ways to give her access to the unconscious man in the bed. She gasped. He had awoken and seemed to be staring into the lights on the ceiling. Dimming them slightly, she walked up to him and began to check all his vital signs. Albeit hard, she overcame each hurdle and finalised his vitals list.

"How are you feeling?", Angelica muttered softly.

"Wat-". Grabbing the cup, she asked the men around her to elevate him so he could consume the liquid.

"One of you, please go down to the kitchens and ask for a clear soup. Possibly chicken and some black tea". Without further instruction, two men left the room, obeying what she had asked of them.

"How are you feeling?", she mustered again.

"Much better", the man smiled lightly with a hoarse voice. He looked to be in his late twenties.

"What is your name?".

"Zachary, ma'am".

"Well, Zach if I may? Could I please ask a few questions when you are ready?".

"Of course".

"Hmmm, it is only one. What happened at the warehouse?".

Each man in the room pricked their ears up to listen to what he had to say. He faced the brunt of the explosion, and oddly enough, according to non-obscurred footage, Zachary had a physical fight with a man trying to get away not long before. They know what he looked like, just not fully why he chose that specific warehouse to blow up.

"I was walking along the embankment and I-", he began coughing profusely, unaware to the people patiently waiting in the room, "and I saw this man. He didn't seem to notice me until I yelled out to him. He tried to pull out a gun, but I had gotten to him before he could do anything with his weapon. I fought with him hard, asking questions along the way, like why he was there. I got no reply, until he hit me on the head hard. He bent down and asked me to give....asked me to give you your regards, ma'am".

"Please do not call me that. Any of you. I have a name and would like you all to use it", Angelica muttered.

"Before I could get up, he ran, and the warehouse blew up. I felt sharp splinters enter my body and I tried to get up, but I stumbled at each step. know the rest".

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