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The past continuously played in Gabriel's mind. Over the weeks that Gabriel looked over his wife in his home, he spoke to her every night. He saw her in every dream. In every nightmare.

Her being began to come to him and leave him over and over, breaking his heart made for her into pieces. The memories of himself waking up to the empty hospital bed crawled through his mind like bugs. Manifesting in every thought.  Igniting feelings he had never wanted. It was a pain he never wanted to relive.

Gabriel realised he was selfish. He inflicted so much pain onto his wife, and he only had ever focused on himself.
His wants. His needs. His desires.

He kidnapped her from her home. He had torn her away from her family. He had stolen her from her life. All for himself. All for what he did to come around to him like karma.

He protected her family but he could never protect her from the dangers he encountered in his underworld. He could never have stopped his angel from being beaten and used a pawn in a game for power. And he didn't. The blood stains that were on the carpets had proved it. The injuries that weakened her body proved it. The empty hospital bed and house he had awoken to proved it.


Two months later

Her feet were submerged in the clearest ocean water, glistening like diamonds, and reflecting the moonlight. The weather was perfect and the warmth made her feel at home.
The smell of the fresh air filled her with an odd sequence of memories that told a story many would remember for years to come.
The countless ocean swims had made her skin soft and supple, and she had tanned a little, giving her more of a golden complexion. Her hair cascading down the curve of her back, curling in some places at the bottom.
The beach dress she wore clung to her body and outlined her hourglass figure in the moonlight, casting upon her an ethereal glow.

In Gabriel's eyes, no one could match her beauty and her heart. No one would ever be able to outshine his woman. No one would ever be able to outdo the one woman who had given him a reason to love.

As she paced back to the house softly, the sand began to stick the pads of her wet feet, eventually rubbing off as she walked onto the wooden patio that surrounded the beach house on the small little island.

She knew her 'husband' was on a quick phone call, and she had decided to go for a walk after she had made dinner.

Softly descending up the stairs, she made it to a room she once hated. A room she had once felt so trapped in. Leaving the lights off, Gabriel's wife walked in front of the mirror and gazed at herself.

Her bruises had disappeared, but that did not mean she didn't have marks. Reminders.
Small white lines danced over her body. A large healing wound sat on top of her shoulder, and one on her lower abdomen. She closed her eyes as they began to think. She had shed enough tears, however she still felt at an unease.
Only a week after arriving back at the beach house, she had asked Gabriel to sleep in a different room because she wanted a fresh start. A possible new beginning. But that wasn't the only only reason.

Even in her pyjamas, her marks and further scars could be seen and she hated them.
She felt ugly. She felt like someone was punishing her by marking her body in such a way.

Especially her abdomen. The way the man twisted his fingers inside her wound when she was in that room with Marcus caused extra damage, and her tissue had torn, making her scar one that would not be smooth on her skin.

She unbuttoned her dress down to her belly button and viewed the injury in its entirety. It looked slightly blistered, and marked her once soft skin like she had been branded. Her light and delicate fingertips traced along its edges, wincing as she remembered the pain that twisted into her body. The bottom of her bra just grazed the outer remnants of the injury, making her feel a slight discomfort.

Without her noticing, Gabriel came up to her, and silently stood behind her, eyes trained on the new mark that sat upon his wife's skin. She still hadn't noticed his presence, and continued to touch what she had been so unkindly graced with.

Gabriel reached around her small body, and encased her hands into his, startling her. Now instead of her fingertips brushing her scar, Gabriel's were, softly, yet knowingly. He knew of her physical pain, but of her emotional pain, he did not. Marks may have a past to him, yet he did not dwell on it. Angelica however, did.

"You are still the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on", Gabriel deeply whispered into her ear.

She looked down, a light tinge of red painted upon her soft cheeks. She felt herself being spun around and swept up into Gabriel's arms. He headed towards the bathroom.

"Wha-what are you doing?".

He set her on the ledge of the bathtub, and went to shut the door.

"I have a small confession to make", Gabriel stated with a smirk on his face. He pulled some lace out of his back pocket.

"Wait a second, they're-".

"Yours. Yes. Back before I...took you away I snuck into your apartment", he smirked at her, making her heart beat in her chest with immense strength, "and I even witnessed you put on a show", he winked.

"You!" Angelica shouted standing up, not realising her summer dress was slipping off her body.

"Pig, animal,", he stated walking towards her, "beast?", he whispered as he encircled his strong and muscly arms around her waist. Leaning to the side, he clicked the button next to the tap in the tub to stop water escaping the bath, and then switched the taps on.

Angelica blushed. He had seen her before. He had seen nearly every inch of her skin. Usually she would have been disgusted, but the thought of it made her laugh inside. What a simply odd notion.

"You know what I loved about you aside your personality angel? You sexy little body, so perfectly sculpted by the goddess of beauty herself. Moulded to fit with me like the last piece to a jigsaw puzzle", he roughly stated, eyes boring into hers.

"The way each sway you made as you walked sent shivers down my spine, the way your big eyes saw each and everything for it's beauty and the way your supple and mouthwatering lips curved into that soft smile".

Angelica was about to look down, and suddenly felt a little bit chilly. She gazed down quickly and saw her dress was in a pool of fabric at her feet.

"My dr-".

"Shhhhh", Gabriel held one of his fingers at her lips. Before she knew it, he spun her around to face the tub, and took off his shirt in the process. His abdomen slowly pressed against her back.

She felt her hair being softly placed to the side, and relaxed as she felt warm lips travel from her shoulder, up her neck. Each peck was as soft as a butterflies wings. Gabriel's large hands roamed around her back to her stomach lightly.

She caved in willingly, succumbing to how soft his lips were against her skin.

"I love you", she whispered. There was a slight pause, until she felt it again.


"And I love you".

Angelica blushed deeply and gasped as she felt Gabriel unclip the clasp of her bra, trailing his left hand down to the curve of her bottom.

"How about another show, Angel?".

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