Part Thirty Nine

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His face was trained on the mental and crazed man in front of his wife, eyes burning into his skull with hatred, anger and a subtle animalistic predatory look.

He'd be damned if he let Marcus take his wife and give her to his men like scrap food. He knew what Marcus' men were like. He knew what they did to innocent people, regardless of age or gender. Not only a few hours before a produce of their violent and vicious ways hung by her neck upstairs in Marcus' house. 

The tension in the room was thick, containing ailments of the unknown. Not a single person in the room, apart from one, had an idea of how things were going to end. The pride, arrogance and years of waiting oozed off the man in control, hitting both Gabriel and Daniel like waves making them drown in displeasure. 

The disappointment and anger radiated off Gabriel, far too openly than usual. Never had he revealed his emotions during disputes, aside rage. However this was different. It was easily seen he disliked the position of his men and his wife in their current state. He detested being the powerless one in the room. 

To think that the so called 'man' in front of him had let his brother die and his brothers love. He had lead them to their god forbidden death, to gain power and followers. Gabriel scoffed inwardly. It was no surprise and nor had Marcus been the first Mafia to kill family or family members. Some lower gangs mercilessly killed to get to the top of their 'organisations' and it was never pretty. Sometimes bodies were so well taken care of, that the government didn't even know the person existed. Papers, certificates, accounts and personal belongings of some just disappeared without a trace. It even made some question whether or not the person was real or not. The youngest Gabriel knew of was only a little girl by the age of 5 who's parents had more than the rest of their family. Over a night, the trio was gone. 

It was an abomination. The code of loyalty was always one to be played around with. As Marcus had stated from his insanity filled mind, "Loyalty means nothing when all you want is power".

Gabriel heard footsteps coming towards him, yet halted and moved to stand in front of Daniel.

Marcus crouched down and viewed both men on their knees, arms behind their backs. 

"Usually I would be more fond of standing above you, but I can't help and stoop down to your level to witness the looks in your eyes for the finale of this tiresome and dare I say somewhat interesting show. You see, I have killed a guard, and made your woman fall boy. I have sent you the ultimate message, and flooded your home. This is my repayment for all the years I waited to see you both on the ground".

"The throne on which you sat is now mine, boy", Marcus spat nastily towards Gabriel. Nodding towards Angelica's captor, Gabriel watched helplessly. 

The man grabbed the side in which his wife had been stabbed, and dug is fingers into her bloody and open flesh, as if he was ripping her out from the inside. The strangled scream of Angelica was not unheard. The haunting, high pitched noise once again echoed though out the hallways and rooms of the house, from top to bottom. 

It was enough to enrage the beast inside Gabriel. Nudging Daniels foot with his own, he looked down shamelessly, taking three deep breaths. That was enough for Daniel. 

Without warning, Daniel threw his head back, straight into the crotch of his captor. Twisting round, he used his legs and knocked two others to the ground, slamming his elbow into Gabriel's captors in the process. 

Gabriels hands fell free, and moved around quickly, swinging his fists at the men around him. He noted that the sorry excuse of a leader stepped away, slightly bewildered at the current events. Daniel ran to the door and opened it, letting a few of Gabriel's men flood in, along with the pathetic men that saw Marcus as some type of leader. The third fight ensued, and during the process, Marcus had grabbed Angelica by the hair and pulled her towards the chair he sat upon in the room. 

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