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Hello to all of my wonderful readers and followers!

The time from the end of my book until now has gone by quite quickly, and during this period, we have not seen much of each other!

My apologies to all. As many of you are well aware, work and studies can take up a significant amount of time, along with some travelling. 

I travelled home to witness the marriage of my elder brother to a wonderful woman.  I am so blessed to have amazing people around me. 

This message is to let you know that, as promised, I edited the book and have altered a few things. The story-line is more clear with a deeper plot. It is a lot more refined and the ending is not as rushed. I was so excited to post it to you, however I received some distressing news a few days ago from a lovely Wattpad reader (JaguarLove135). 

Someone has taken my book (along with other books on Wattpad), and published them without our knowledge. Although we have been given credit -per say-  for our work (username acknowledgement), this person/company is using OUR WORK to get MONEY! 

They are charging people to read out work for as much as $9.99! It's horrible. I am so upset and saddened. 

I wanted to post to you all the book before Christmas, however I am unable to anymore due to this issue. I have messaged both Wattpad and the company that has stolen the work to resolve the issue. 

The link to the COPIED version of my book is below:

I am so thankful for JaguarLove135 for letting me know and alerting me about this problem. I cannot apologise to you all enough for what has happened. I am unsure if you're able to report the book, however if you can, please do! I do not want my work charged and I do not want it on another site/app. This book was for all of you to read, FOR FREE, without issues. 

Aside this, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Lets hope next year brings more happiness (and less people who steal work that's not theirs to touch!). 

Please comment below how the last few months have been for yourself and tell me about your Christmas/New Year Plans! I would love to know and I will try to reply to all of them. 

For those who are struggling, please do not forget there are helplines you can call, and people you can speak to. You are never alone! 

Stay safe these holidays everyone, and soon we shall speak again! 

Kind regards,


P. S. I wanted to thank the outstanding number of people who have created book covers for me! I am in awe of them. I am opening up a little competition! Send me the best cover you can create of my book, and send it to

Write to me as to why you chose this cover, your username and what you love about literature. I will announce the winner after New Years! 

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