Part Thirty

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Chaos ensued inside Gabriel's office.

The New Years celebrations were supposed to be something that his angel and her family enjoyed, however all was ruined when three very burned and bloody guards came into his home, dragging their unconscious partner-in-guard behind them, shouting for aid.

Although Gabriel was angry, he couldn't have been more relieved - secretly - that his men were safe. It was protocol. If anything happened at a warehouse, they were to come to the home immediately.

That was one of Daniel's and Gabriel's flaw filled ideas. They never once had peace. Daniels home was also a safe house with a bunker inbuilt in the basement incase something were to happen. They never once had an ounce of privacy. They made their business their lives.

The three guards were given immediate aid, and the unconscious one was lead to an area that no one had noticed before. Behind some very well hidden doors became the real world that Gabriel and Daniel were used to.

Guns, and even knives littered the walls of the long corridor, ranging at heights not even his angel could reach. Before the family could help out, the doors were shut and Gabriel escorted his men to the small clinic area that was in his home. A doctors desk sat in the front of a room with some medical supplies.


"What do we do?".

"Take him to a room upstairs".

Walking out with supplies, Angelica approached him.

"Let me hel-".



"I said N-".

"Let her help Gabe", Daniel muttered softly.


Watching her run upstairs, Gabriel sighed angrily. He didn't want anyone to see what they had just seen. Witnessing something none of them should have. Picking up his pace, he jogged to the room his man was in, watching his wife get to work whilst giving orders to some of his house guards to help the other three wounded less.

Standing by the door, he gazed at her. Not her beauty. Not her body. Her courageousness. Without thinking once, she had offered to help. Putting her medical skills to use in helping a man she didn't know. A man she had no idea about. That's what is was that got Gabriel. That's all she had ever wanted to do. She stepped into a zone most people would feel uncomfortable in.

After three and a half hours of medical attention, each man was taken care of. Three resting in chairs with fresh clothes and one laying in bed, hooked up to an IV.

Washing her hands in the ensuite provided, Angelica walked passed Gabriel and sighed.

"I am going to shower and get ready for bed". Without saying another word, she walked towards their room, blood splatters on trousers and shirt.


"Hmmm?", he muttered, dropping out of his thoughts.

"Come". Walking back into the room, his men  - including Greg, Bruce and Christopher - sat on chairs.

"Boss", one of his injured men coughed out, "It happened before we saw it coming. Someone slipped through somehow, because the bombs were already planted. We only just managed to save ourselves. But we did find this. I am sorry we failed you".

"No. You didn't. Rest up. We will speak of this later".

Walking to his office, Greg and Daniel followed. Sitting on his office chair, he slammed his fist against his mahogany desk. Unfolding the paper, Gabriel began to shake. Punching the wall behind him, he injured his hand like before.

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