Part Three

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Angelica's shift had ended. After a rough afternoon, all she wanted to do was go home and relax in her tub. Oh no, she wasn't rich with a lavish bathroom. With just her mother around, who lived half way across the world - although willing to help her daughter in anyway - and two brothers, also across the world, with one deceased father, she didn't want to worry them or trouble them.

Uncle Frank paid her just enough to get through the weeks. He even offered to look after her some more, but she loved the feeling of being independent. It just so happened that Uncle Frank knew the owner of the building she lived in, which scored her a nice little apartment, for a good price that was easily accessible from her University and her job.

"Time for you to go darling, let Jack take you home, just to be safe", Uncle Frank sighed.

"No! No! It is fine, it's only a 5 minute walk along the main road Uncle Frank, it's honestly no need. Besides, I am very sure that our Jackson has a date tonight!", Angelica winked at Jackson, as he blushed.

"I should walk you hom-".

"No! Go to your date!", Angelica laughed running out the door.

She heard the bell of the cafe door, "I'll get you back cupcake!", yelled Jackson.

Angelica laughed, Uncle Frank and Jackson was just what she needed after the days events. She wrapped up her coat in the cold Christmas weather, still petrified to her core. His eyes was all she could see. Staring at her. Deep into her soul. She felt fear creep up her spine. Never had she been so scared. He KILLED people. Of course most didn't believe it, but she did. His eyes said it all. She slowly walked down the street, giving her last lot of change to Greg - the homeless man at the edge of the alleyway. She felt for him. She really did and even offered to him her couch, but he refused. Her kindness was enough for him.

Although late at night, there were people still chattering around observing the christmas lights. She smiled, trying to calm her nerves. Nothing will happen, she thought to herself.

Slowly making her way down the street she stopped suddenly. Looking up from her scarf and wooly hat, she peered around herself.

"What is wrong with you girl, get a hold of yourself", she muttered. She was being watched. She felt it. The eyes on her, watching her every move. She gulped and shivered. Glancing around at the people and scenery, she tried to see who was there.

"No one", she whispered. Pacing herself quicker, she got home and rushed to unlock the door, her heart in her eyes. The eyes, she could still feel them. Pushing the door open, she ran in and slammed it shut behind her.

"No", she panted, "It's fine. He isn't here. I need to soak and relax. School and work has been way too tough".

She ripped off her coat and scarf, and walked to her room and then into the bathroom. Lighting a few candles, she stripped, goosebumps making their way up and down her body. Running the water, she grabbed her favourite soap and poured it into the tub. She sighed in content, looking around her bathroom. She was so thankful for all she had, and her tub was definitely one of them.

Switching off the tap, she dipped her leg into the water, making sure it was the right temperature.

Scooting in slowly, she laid back and sighed in content.

What she didn't see on the opposite side of her dark bedroom, was the man sitting on her bed, watching her little stripping show.


"I want her, and I will have her. She is mine to claim". Gabriel possessively growled whilst holding Daniels collar.

"Calm down man, I have never seen you like this before!".

Gabriel and Daniel had exited the cafe, not after buying a WHOLE orange cake. Daniel had been teasing Gabriel, egging him on. It was the last straw for Gabriel when Daniel said he wanted to bed her. Only meaning it as a joke, Daniel worked up the wrong best friend. Yes, he knew Gabriel could be possessive, but not so obsessed. This resulted in Gabriel yanking on his collar outside his car.

Gabriel released his best friend from his iron like grip. After running away, Gabriel never saw his little angel again. He smirked to himself. She knew what he was capable of, but not entirely. Soon she would know what he could do.

Driving to his building, Gabriel apologised to his best friend. Stepping outside Daniels car, he fixed his tie and put on a dark face. Daniel chuckled and peeped his horn. Speeding away, Gabriel made his way upstairs. People parted ways for him, muttering sorry's and good afternoons.

Gabriel smiled, Bruce and Christopher had delivered again. Laying on his mahogany desk was a file. Her file. Grabbing it off the desk he closed his eyes.

Predator. Animalistic. Obsessed. Possessive. Ruthless. Alpha male. He growled. He would do anything to be with her at that moment, hearing her moan his name and feeling her body against his. Claiming her as his woman. She was his, without a doubt. No man could touch her, no man could talk to her, or even look at her. Thinking about that boy from the Cafe, Gabriel roared. He punched the wall and breathed in heavily. She was his to hold and caress. Not that 'boys'.

Opening her file he began to read.

Her name? Angelica Ziva Kareem. Soon to be Rodrigo, of course. Age? 21 Years old. Born in London on the 21st of December, and grew up with two brothers, Axel and James. Studying Medicine in her second year. Her family lives overseas (Australia), however her father passed away a year before she started medicine. He frowned but continued reading. She works at the 'Little Cafe" owned by Frank, who also has a son working there. Gabriel's eyebrow rose, the 'boy' he smirked. He continued reading. She loved cooking and loved reading. Travelling was her hobby, however her main goal in life was to go back to her ancestral countries of Kenya and Uganda to open up an orphanage with a school and health clinic attached to help those who were poor. He smiled. She was too kind. She was perfect. Then he read further. Jackpot.

He chuckled a deep and dominating laugh. Her address.

Picking up his car keys, he walks outside to his car, and laughs to himself.

"I will see you soon my love, be ready for me".

Driving up to her apartment, he pulled over. She was walking home. Watching her, he growled. He wanted to take her then and there.

"But you cannot", he frowned. She was scared of him. He could tell. Giving the last of her change to a homeless man, she ran off. He knew she could feel his stare.

Speeding off, he parked near her home before she arrived. Waltzing in and going towards the desk demanding a key, it was given. The man at the counter? One of his 'Workers' per say. After a bad shoot up, he needed a desk job to support his family. Lucking Gabriel did care somewhat and helped him out. Stepping into her home, he breathed a deep breath. Her smell. So intoxicating, so deep and so womanly. He craved her lips to be on his, for him to hold her close. Exploring around, he viewed her apartment. Simple yet homely. Photos and furniture, but with a touch. A touch of her.

Walking into her bedroom he smirked again, without looking around he walked straight to her cupboard. Opening up the first draw he again, hits the jackpot. Lace, silk, satin and cotton. Her lingerie. Holding up a piece of red lace, he pictured her wearing it, sauntering towards him in a teasing manner.

He jolted. She was home. Backing away into the darkness of her bedroom, he stalked her intently with his eyes. She stripped slowly. He was hot. Hot for her. Each item of clothing slowly coming off her creamy, smooth, tan skin. She stood, back to him, naked. Each curve of her body entrancing him to go and claim her.

"Take her away and ravish her", he thought. He felt as if she was teasing him, but alas, she was too afraid of him to ever do that. Moaning as she got into the water, Gabriel saw her breasts slightly float in the water with the soap suds surrounding her. She looked surreal in the candlelight. He wanted to go in there and join her, show her how much he already loved her. He wanted to touch her perky little body in places she hadn't been touched before, lick up her neck and leave his mark all over her.

He felt his suit pants tighten. He swore under his breath and backed up into her living room, opening her front door and leaving quietly.

He was going to take her. She was going to be his. She was going to be his wife and he wasn't going to ever let her go.

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