Part Twenty Three

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Greg had been in the house for two days, and it seemed to be a blessing. The men had never seen his family so happy before. Susan gained back her love and Jordan and Thomas? A father. Some say that the ending is always filled with happiness, but Daniel Knew better.

This was the beginning. The beginning to the end. Sources had arisen to find the man that had hurt Angelica, eye witnesses, papers, certificates, even passports. Yet he couldn't be traced. There was only one possible explanation for it. He worked for them.

He worked in a gang of some kind in the mafia's underworld. This wasn't good. If they found him and killed him, it would surely create an uprising of other gangs against Gabriel's. Especially if they knew he had a love. A weakness. That is why Daniel stayed away from women. He didn't want to see anyone he had come to love get hurt. Or worse. Killed.

Sitting at the large dark mahogany desk, Daniel leaned back into the dark green leather chair. Usually he wouldn't have to work so hard, but he felt the need to. It was almost as if he had some sort of connection with Angelica. Brotherly of course.

Sighing slowly, Daniel took a deep breath.

He needed rest. He needed closure. However all he wanted to find was this man who so horribly hurt Angelica. Of course, people assumed things about what would happen to him. People who picked up word off the streets. A dark basement, torture, blood, death? And if so, a slow one at that.

He knew about what everyone thought about Gabriel's gang. Death, torture, drugs, trafficking and most importantly, weaponry. However this wasn't the whole truth. It may have been once, but Gabriel slowly changed after Caleb. He helped people who were trafficked, and held strict rules about other criminal injustices. Although he could make everyone fall beneath him, he decided to keep the drug cartels open. Especially those that ran from poor to rich countries via flight or shipment.

Daniel let out a small, deep laugh. The cartel business. Who would have thought that the rich who so badly had everything they desired had secret addictions to things that were intended to kill. Cocaine, heroine, acid and more were on the list. Yes, promoting the use was bad, but did he care? Did Daniel care? No. They kept it away from young hands as much as they could, but happily gave it to celebrities and rich business men. Why? Money. Money to rule the underworld with, with a tight fist. Money to help those who had been trafficked.

Who would care about an A list star? No one. All they wanted was to smile for the camera, all they did was rub it into everyones faces that they had large sums of cash constantly rolling in. They were selfish. Greedy even. And that was their downfall. One slip from anyones lips and their career would dissipate into nothing. Think of it as a form of blackmail almost. Blackmail into keeping them in line somewhat.

Dirty, he knew, but that's how the business worked. That's how the business stayed strong, among other things. Closing his eyes, Daniel began to relax himself, until a knocking on his door was heard.

"Come in", his deep voice let out.

In walked Greg, hand in hand with Susan. Christopher and Bruce following behind.

"Sit", Daniel stated.

Slowly, all sat down, respectfully keeping quiet. Yes, he was a nice man, but whilst Gabriel was gone, he was a boss. He was a don.


"Evening Daniel", Greg said with utmost confidence. Daniel looked at him, straight in the eye, making Greg shift slightly under his gaze. He was very intimidating. Not as much as Gabriel, but scary none the less.

"I have come to you to take up your offer, should it still stand. I would like to protect Angelica. I would like to become her bodyguard for when she comes home".

As Daniel stared at Greg, the room was silent. Pin drop silent.

Susan looked at her husband, Daniel noted, with great admiration.

"Very well, you start training in three days. Go enjoy time with your family".

"Thank you Daniel", Susan uttered gratefully.

"Dismissed", Daniel nodded.

Slowly exiting out of the office, Daniel noticed Jordan and Thomas outside, impatiently tapping their feet on the marble floor.

"Boys", Daniel said in an authoritative voice.

"Sir", they both let out confidently.

"What is it you need?", Daniel muttered angrily. He was tense. He had a horrible gut feeling that something wasn't right. He saw Jordan look at his brother for some sort of approval. After noting that Thomas nodded slightly, Jordan began speaking.

"Word is out on the street that our gang has 'taken' our father. Everyone knows we do not recruit men as you had with him. From some speculation, we have reason to believe that another gang has been notified. They seem to be interested in our new recruit".

"I see".

"It's not just that Sir!", Thomas slightly yelled, "The last time a public recruit was chosen by a gang, he ended up being a high guard - for his known fighting skills of course".

Jordan and Thomas paused as if they wanted Daniel to catch onto what they were saying.

"Dan-Sir, this may have taken place years ago, but everyone knows why. So he could protect her. So Boss's grandfather could protect his grandmother. Sir, we think they may assume we have done the same for Boss. Word has it that he has a weakness. Word has it that we all have a weakness. And it's Angelica".

Without a thought, Daniel dialled through to Gabriel, fumbling slightly in the process. Before Gabriel Had time to reply, Daniel let out his angry response.

"You need to come home. They know about her".

Without hearing a reply, Daniel heard Gabriel hang up on him. Looking up from his phone and scattered papers, he looked at the boys sitting in front of him. They all knew what this meant. The calm was over.

The storm had just begun.

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