Part Eight

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Why does she run from me, even when she sees she cannot escape? She is mine, until death us do part. She will have my children. We will be a family. She will be mine, I will make it happen.

Gabriel couldn't stop thinking to himself as he walked towards her now silently sobbing form, a few metres before the shore line. He had watched her run across the sand and twirl around, looking for some kind of escape. Luckily she didn't see his boat, but she wouldn't be able to use it. Fingerprint keys come in very handy these days.

His heart broke. His anger had dissipated. It never had felt this warm for anyone. If you asked anyone about him, they would only say he was hard with emotions. He was man of business and that was it. Alas, here he was.

The love of his life was shaking slightly. Even when she was, she was still the most beautiful woman of all, according to him. Under the moonlight, her beautiful body became highly accentuated. The curve of her chest down to her toned stomach. The thickness of her thighs, down to her slender feet. And her face. He was stunned. Her big doe like eyes stared out at the moon, hoping for a way to escape.

Yes, he could tell she was upset, but fear filled her more than sadness. Had something happened to her in her past, making her feel trapped like the current moment? He had no idea. Her file was basic, but contained no past events.

Slowly approaching her, Gabriel lifted Angelica up into his arms, holding her close. Even though she her hands were fisted, she made no move to fight. Forcefully grabbing one of her arms, he frowned. His finger sized bruised marked her skin like the scars across his body. He had physically hurt her. If her wrists were as purple as he thought, he hated to think about the state of her back.

Carrying her to the house, he felt his shirt begin to soak. She was crying again.

Walking up the stairs, he entered the room she was in before and placed her on the couch near the balcony doors.

"Why me?", he heard her cracked voice whisper, "Why did you take me away from everything?".


"Why me?", Angelica felt how sore her throat was from crying, "Why did you take me away from everything?".

Looking up at him, his face held no emotion, until she saw his eyes. She saw the possession, the ruthlessness, the obsession, but didn't miss the love he held for her. How? She thought. How, if he has only known me for two weeks? Yes he is handsome, but he is cruel.

As Gabriel stepped towards her, she scrambled back on the couch and bought her legs unto her chin. Seeing him raise his hand, she screamed loudly, expecting him to hit her, just like she had.

"I would NEVER hurt you princess. You are my angel. I am going to protect yo-".

"How? You kill people? You are scary and terrifying. I do not want to be the wife to an underworld leader!" Angelica bit back. Her eyes widened.

"P-please don't hurt me....I-I didn't mean to say all those word-".

"Shhhh angel. Yes I am a leader. I am rich and known by all. They ALL fear me! Even though I am dangerous, I will always protect you. You are mine. Everything of mine is now yours. Including this home. My money is yours. You never have to work again. I will be here for you always..".

As he spoke to her, she held her breath. She felt like he was saying wedding vows. No work? She wanted to work. To help those in need. 

Moving backwards, as slow as she could, she hopped off the arm of the couch. Nodding her head left to right, she became angry.

"YOU! Y-you monster! My dreams! My aspirations?!?! You want to take them away from me?! And take away my family from me?!? NO! I will NOT stay with you! You are mental! Crazy! You can't just take someone away from their life!".


"Don't call me that! You are ma-".


"I WILL get away from YOU!".

"Aneglica...Angelica!". Gabriel rushed over to his woman, "You are mine!".

Stroking his nose against her cheek, he drew himself closer to her. Nothing could prepare for what was to happen next.

Before she could blink, her back hit the soft bed behind her. About to get up from her fall, his hand pinned hers above her head, and Gabriel's knees had pinned down her legs. She wasn't able to move.

She felt him. All of his body pressed against her. Each hard muscle was pressed against her. However, what petrified her was the small trail of kisses Gabriel left from the top of her neck, to her collarbone.

He was going to mark her.

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