Part Twelve

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Turning around to face his now wife, Gabriel felt weak. He had never felt like this before. No woman, nor man has ever made him feel weakness. Yet there he stood, in the silence, with weakness pumping through his veins. 

Maybe, just maybe, the tiniest part of him held regret. He man handled his angel into marrying him, told her she was there for him and his needs. He would give her everything she needed, yes, of course, but he made it out to be all about him. Looking down at his watch, he saw that it was three in the afternoon. The sun would set in 3 hours. He wanted to show her he cared. Somewhere deep down, he really cared for her. He had been swept off his feet by her nature, her beauty. 

"Go upstairs and shower, there is a dress for you on the bed, in the room you were in", Gabriel rumbled. He had noticed that she was fiddling with the ring on her finger, whilst holding the gift from Daniel,  glancing down at her feet. 

Slowly walking towards her, his eyes were trained on hers. Her doe like gems were glassed over slightly. He abruptly stopped and cleared his throat.

"Come downstairs when you're done. Oh, Angel?", she looked up at him again, fear tinting her eyes, "Do not dare try to run away again. My men would not have let you seize one of their yachts". 

Watching her spin around, she slowly walked towards the stairs, still fiddling with the diamond ring upon her finger. Watching her hips unintentionally sway, he admired her goddess like body.

Her slender - yet bruised legs - up to the curve of her behind, softly melting away into her toned, yet delicate back. Her hair down to her hips swayed along with her, making her look even more sensual than before. Growling lowly, he watcher her retreat. He was back to his possessed, obsessed self. Except this time?

She was his wife. 


Walking unto the room, she saw a box with a pretty pink bow attached to it. She sighed loudly. No tears. No anger. Numb. That's all she was. She was the wife of a billionaire by day, underworld king by night. She was torn. She saw the love he had for her, yet why did he act the way he did? Why did he not court her? Granted, his 'other' work that included his men scared her, but she could have tried to give him a chance. 

What a birthday present this was. Opening up the box that Daniel had given her, she gasped. In the box sat the most beautiful pair of diamond earrings, matching her ring on her finger. Dragging herself to the mirror, she slowly put them on and stared at her reflection.

The diamonds in her ears and the diamond upon her finger glimmered as the sun began to slowly set, soft rays of light bounced on her skin, outlining her berry coloured bruises. Sighing sadly, Angelica walked to the bathroom, and saw the jacuzzi like bathtub. Turning on the tap, she smiled slightly. After all, bathing was her favourite thing to do. Slipping out of her work clothing, that slightly stuck to her skin, and placing her fathers pocket watch on the sink counter, she dipped into the water, whimpering slightly. Her bruises began to sting as the heat from the water licked at her skin.

Leaning back, she began to rethink her situation. She could pretend to fall in love with him. She could stay and understand him for his actions, but how? He stole her away. He took her from her life. Her dreams. 

Time slowly passed, and Angelica shuddered. She had to go downstairs and meet him. 

Draining the tub, she grabbed a towel and walked out to the box. Opening in up, her eyes set upon a beautiful red gown, plunging down the middle, with a tight bodice, stemming out into flowing fabric. It was exquisite. Underneath lay a note. 

Dear Mrs Rodrigo, we chose this dress as we feel it would make you look beautiful. Boss hasn't seen it and we are sure he will love it. We are both sorry for the predicament you are in. Boss truly loves you. We haven't seen him this in love since the day he was born. We thought he would never find someone. Please, give him a chance. We know you will keep strong. Chin up and head high, you have captured all of our attention, Bruce and Christopher. 

Slipping the dress onto her body, she walked to the vanity and combed her hair. Applying no make up, she slipped on the heels that accompanied the dress and opened the door. Why no make up? She wanted him to see her marks. See what he had done to her.  The time was 6:15 PM. The sun set a gorgeous orange hew over the horizon. 

Walking down the stairs, her heels clicked at the floor, alerting her husband of her arrival. Before he turned around, she noted that he had also showered and changed. As he slowly spun to face her, she began to blush.  She had never worn a dress as extravagant as the one that sat on her body. She could feel his gaze. Angelica looked up as she stopped and gasped.

Gabriel was right in front of her, breathing against her skin. Stepping back, Gabriel admired her body in the dress. She looked Beautiful. Feeling his breath on her neck, he kissed her neck lightly. Letting his hot breath linger, she began to blush deeper than the colour of her dress. Wrapping his hands around her small waist, he smiled against her neck.

"Happy Birthday, my Queen". 

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