Part Two

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"I want to know everything about this girl. I am at the little cafe on the corner of Oxford. Get this done now", Gabriel spoke lowly into his phone. He hung up.

"What's wrong Gabriel, you've been stunned for the past 5 minutes and you haven't even ordered a coffee! A for gods sakes man, put your phone away. This is a non work related break. No phones. For once, relax", Daniel muttered to his best friend, who seemingly was still staring at the kitchen door in the cafe.

"Gentlemen, I do apologise for the wait and for the silence. I am Frank and I own this cafe. Please sit here at table 17 and I shall come back and take your orde-".

"Who is she?"

Frank and Daniel looked at Gabriel, startled at his deep and dominating voice. Frank stared at him for some time,

"Who is who, sir?".

"Quit playing games, I want a list of all your workers".

"I am afraid sir that it is classified, has one of my workers bothered you?"

Gabriel stared intensely at Frank, fingers folding into his palm, knuckles turning white. Just as Gabriel was about to let loose,

"We would like one Latte and one Mocha, dine here. Oh! and two slices of your famous orange cake!".

Daniel dragged Gabriel away,

"What was that man? I know you seem to be above everyone else, but you shouldn't have spoken to him like that! Just relax and lets eat in peace".

Gabriel stared at the kitchen door, willing it to open, wanting to see his claim.

Daniel finally clicked.

"The girl, you were staring at the girl". Daniel had Gabriel's attention.

"That girl Gabriel, she has been working here for some time, all I know is that she is studying medicine and trying to will herself through it. Heard that from another - ahem - waitress here", Daniel winked.

Frank slowly bought out their food and coffee and retreated slowly, not wanting to anger the beast in front of him.

Taking a bite of the orange cake, he savoured the taste. "Ahhh, that my friend was made by the one and only girl who has seemed to capture your attention".

Gabriel closed his eyes and lulled himself into the fine food before him, picturing the Angel he saw in his own kitchen with three children around her, watching her cook from the door. The scene changed, he pictured her fine little body beneath him, writhing and arching in pleasure. His heart was beating faster and he felt himself become hot. He opened his eyes, and there she was, placing food into the display cabinet.

His angel. She was going to be his forever. Little did she know, she already was.


"I want to go outside Jackson. You looked so scared, and I, well I am scared for Uncle Frank. Who came into the cafe Jackson. Please tell me!".

"No one sweet pea, you don't worry about it-".

"It was him wasn't it? That man and his friend. The one that everyone seems so scared of?".

"Angel, who told you? Look yes it is him", Jackson muttered, holding Angelica in his tight embrace, "But you have nothing to worry about. We took you away because of who he is. He kills people. And we worried a little for you, you are so innocent. And that will draw him to you".

Angelica looked up at Jackson's face for the second time that day, however her eyes were different. Pools of salty water gathered up in the corner of her eyes, slowly dripping down her soft cheeks, one by one. Angelica was scared. For herself? She wasn't sure. For the families he has ruined? Yes. How could someone kill someone else in cold blood?

She had heard about him. The stories about him, his friend, their life, yet most didn't believe it. He gave his money to charity and helped the poor, or so the media stated. She was torn. Uncle Frank could get hurt.

"Jack let me go!" she whisper-yelled, "let me make sure Uncle Frank is okay!".

Jackson felt her moving around in her arms.


"Please? It is just a glance! Please, or come with me!".

"Why do you want to see them so badly?".

"I am scared for Uncle Frank, please, you know he is my second father!".

Jack was torn, just like Angelica. How could he see his 'sister' and best friend suffocate in such sorrowful emotions? He promised she would never get hurt, and here he was, staring into her eyes, seeing her panic and fear.

"Let me check Angel, stay here!". Even before Jack could walk out, their co-worker, Michael came running in.

Angie smiled slightly. At the age of 15 years old, he was hyper and was never scared of anything. Working off to pay his mothers medical bills, Michael was "the best son anyone could ask for", according to Angelica. He worked hard, looked after his family and studied. He was just a little bundle of joy.

Panting he says, "Angie, Jack, it is too busy to handle, please help us if you can!", and with that he ran off.

Jackson pecked Angelica's head and walked out. Angie walked to the fridge and bought out her special orange cake and breathed in. Opening the kitchen door, she placed the cake in the display fridge and looked up, with a shocked, slightly tear stained face. She gasped.

Gabriels eyes locked in with her, holding her in place, daring her to move.

His eyes, she thought, dark, deep and dominating. She was petrified to her core. Feeling her heart beat fasten, she stepped back slowly, shutting her eyes and running off, not able to see his lips move subtly.

"Soon my angel. Soon".

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