Part Five

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Angelica's heart was beating out of her chest. She was laying there on the floor of her apartment at the entrance of her home. Tears dripping down her face profusely, making a wet pool of salty water on her wooden floor. She was afraid, terrified and shocked for her life.

He KNEW her. He didn't even see her whole face when he first came to the cafe, yet he knew her. He knew her name. She knew she felt eyes on her as she walked home, but thought nothing of it.

"I-I-It w-w-as him-m", she mustered. Slowly trying to get up, her legs began to buckle beneath her, making her fall to the floor, knees first. The soft skin on her right knee had ripped, causing trickles of blood flow down her creamy tan skin.  She was weak, she was petrified. His words kept on running through her head.

"Tonight Angel, you will be mine. And there is NOTHING you can do to stop me. No male is to touch you, to speak to you or to hold you. You are mine and I LOVE YOU". His deep voice resonated through her head making her teeth chatter. But his voice wasn't the fear trigger in this situation.

It was his eyes.

His dark, mean, ruthless, deep and cold eyes were always staring back into hers. His eyes, when he kissed her cheek. The way he looked into her own made her shiver. She could tell, she could tell he wasn't lying. She could tell he was really coming. She knew she had to get away from him. She had no idea what he was going to do to her. Sell her like she had heard? Kill her? Torture her? Steal all her money and leave her on the streets? Angelica shuddered.

He was possessive. Obsessed even. He wanted her. He needed her. She could feel it when he held her close. Her fear doubled.

If I call Jack or Uncle Frank, something might happen to has to be my last resort, she began to think. Looking at the clock she realised she had been crying for nearly two hours.

"He...he could be here any minute! I---I have to g-get out of h-here.." she whispered.

Mustering up the courage she limped around her apartment grabbing all the photos of her family, and her fathers pocket watch. She hadn't separated with the pocket watch since the hour her father had passed away. It was the only thing she had of his, and she wasn't going to leave it for anyone.

Trying to run to her room, she opened her closet and grabbed her bag. Shoving all her belongings inside she began to cry again. She was running away from her life because of a man. A scary, dominant, ruthless and cold man. What was she to do?

Zipping up the bag she wiped her eyes profusely, making her face raw and red. She had no choice. She had to flee for safety. As she picked the bag up and turned around, she gasped. Tears filled her eyes for the fourth time that day.

"Going somewhere, Angel?".


She was scared. He knew she was scared. Sitting in his car, he smirked. He didn't want her scared. He would have her, and her love. But this had to be done. She wouldn't have been with him willingly. He knew that the 'Boy', Jackson, had told her about him. Yes this Jackson boy may have been trying to protect her, but that was Gabriel's job.

He was going to look after her, protect her, give her everything she had ever wanted in life. In return he wanted her love. He wanted her to give him a family. Mostly, he wanted her sweet little body. No doubt he was highly attracted to her. He loved everything about her.

Her cooking, her smile, her voice, her beautiful figure, her courage, her aspirations. Especially how soft her skin was against his lips. Everything about her, he wanted. Staring out of his window, he frowned. He saw her running with tears down her eyes towards her apartment.

Gabriel closed his eyes. The way he wanted to run his hands all around her body, the way he wanted to kiss her cream tan skin and hear her moan his name. He didn't want to see or hear her cry.

Sighing, he looked at the clock. He had been thinking about her for nearly two hours. Driving to her home, he had all he needed.

His 'men' had surrounded her building. If she tried to escape, she wouldn't be able to get far. He was angry. He didn't want her to run. Not because she would be able to escape easily, but because if she did, another man would have to touch her to stop her. He grew angry again.

She was his. She was his Angel. No one was allowed to feel her skin apart from him.

Parking outside the entrance of her building, he got out of his car and slammed the door. She would be his. She wasn't allowed to escape his grasp.

Getting to her front door, he heard her whisper to herself.

"He...he could be here any minute! I---I have to g-get out of h-here.."

Waiting a few minutes, hearing her slowly walk around her apartment, he opened her door with a slight crack. Luckily she was in her bedroom. He had noticed that she had been crying. The evidence was in a pool on the floor.

Her home was bare. No photos. No family pictures scattered around. Quietly stalking around her small kitchen towards the open bedroom, he saw her long hair, and her shaking figure.

She was sobbing, packing away her things, whilst holding an old looking gold pocket watch. He admired her from afar intently.  The ways she trembled made him feel pain. HE had made her feel this way. HE has incited this tremor inside her. HE had made her want to run away.

"No", he lowly muttered. Putting on a smirk, he walked to her open door. As she lifted her bag and rubbed her eyes, she turned around. She had seen him.

His eyes. She began to tear up again, her eyes glistening in the light like little gems.

"Going somewhere, Angel?".

She began to shake violently, breathing in and out at a fast pace. He noticed blood dripping down her leg. Who hurt my angel? Gabriel angrily muttered. Before he could help her, it happened.

Dropping her bag, she screamed. Chasing her to her bathroom, she slammed the door and locked it.

"Open the door princess".

He could hear her whimpers. He kicked the door. Once. Twice. Three times. The door flew off its hinges. He was livid with her. She was HIS. He walked into the bathroom.

"Where are you, my angel?".

She wasn't anywhere to be seen. Turning around quickly, he saw her long hair fly around the corner into the bedroom once again, towards the strap of her bag. Her growled.

Proceeding towards her at an animalistic speed, he wrapped his arms around her waist, bringing her back towards his chest.

She began to cry. She could't handle what was happening. Whilst she squirmed, he bathed in her touch. He could feel every curve of her body against his, driving him wild. Every ounce of her touching him sending a shiver down his spine.

He was lusting for her. He needed her. But he couldn't have her in that way yet. She wasn't ready.

"L-let me go! Let me go, please let me go. I will give you anything!". He could hear her panic and fear as she spoke. His mind went blank. How could he do this to his angel? None the less he wanted her to know who she belonged to. He wanted her to himself.

Angelica tried to pry his arms off her body as he lifted her into the air. Turning her around, he looked down at her convulsing body. She was going to have a panic attack.

Stroking her cheek softly, he began to speak to her.

"I told you I would come for you, my angel. I am here to take what is rightfully mine". Furrowing her eyebrows, Angelica tried to steady her breathing.

"You", he breathed into her ear.

Angelica's eyes widened with panic. She began to blink rapidly, trying to escape Gabriel's hold. Dropping her fathers pocket watch, she let out a wailed cry.

"Daddy, help me..." Gabriel heard her whisper.

Then? Darkness.

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