Part Four

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He could't stop thinking about her. After that night in her apartment, all his thoughts were consumed of her and her luscious body. Compared to him, she was tiny, but that's what made it more exciting. She would fit into his body perfectly, he would be able to hold her tight, protect her and love her. Most importantly, have her petite frame all to himself.

Of course this was an obsession that began with seeing her physical appearance, but after reading about her, and watching her give her change to the homeless man every night for two weeks, he knew she was perfect. She was kind, beautiful, smart and his.

"Angel, Angel, Angel", Gabriel whispered to himself. He had a photo of her on his desk at work. Gazing at her face for hours is what he spent his days doing before stalking her after work to her apartment. She of course had no idea what was happening. He hated that she finished work so late at night.

"Doesn't she know how dangerous the roads are late at night, regardless of the festivities?", he angrily muttered. He banged his fist down onto his desk and began to shake.

"If she was with me, she wouldn't have to bat an eyelid or lift a finger, my money would be hers. If she wanted to study she could, but from my home, with a professor I know and trust". If she wanted to open an orphanage, she could use his money for it. But he didn't want her to go to Kenya, to a place that could be so dangerous. He wanted to lock her away in his bedroom and have his way with her forever. Get married and have kids. His kids. His angel would give him a family. Something he thought he would never have.

He had counted the dangers. He was an underworld Don. He had enemies, but none would dare harm her. He would kill them in the most painful of ways. He would show them authority. He thought about someone hurting her to get to him. He grew livid. No one would hurt his woman.

"The island", Gabriel said out aloud. Lifting his suit jacket, he kissed her photo. Picking up his phone, he dialled a number.

"Boss, what can I do for you today?", an unknown voice said.

"The Island house. Get it ready". Gabriel ordered.

"Yes sir, are there any special requirements?".

"Ladies clothing in these sizes..", Gabriel had memorised her size from his steamy encounter at her apartment just weeks before, "..they are for my future wife". With that he ended the phone call, determined to get to the little cafe on oxford.

Walking out of his car on the street, he waltzed into the busy cafe and pushed through the people. They didn't dare complain. He stopped. His Angel was right in front of him, stunned to see him there. He could see the fear in her eyes.

"My, my", he whispered. She was much more beautiful up close. Her soft tan skin looked inviting to him. He wanted to ravish her, kiss her all over, feel her hot skin against his, run his hands through her hair, and to trace around her body and feel her luscious curves against him in his bed. She was carrying a cake. Orange cake. His now favourite. He stepped closer to her as she stepped back.

"May I help you with something sir?", she said?

Her voice was beautiful. Imagining her moaning his name in bed, he shuddered.

Whether she wanted to be or not, she was his. He was cold and ruthless. Dark and dominant. Possessive and Obsessive. He was an animal. He smiled at her, cunning, and dark. She shuddered. Pulling her by her free arm, he brought her up close making her body flush up against his. He bent down to her ear and whispered to her.

"Tonight Angel, you will be mine. And there is NOTHING you can do to stop me. No male is to touch you, to speak to you or to hold you. You are mine and I LOVE YOU". He kissed her cheek softly and let go of her arm. Walking out the cafe, he went to his car, ignoring the photographers, who found out about his whereabouts. He looked back at her through the glass and smirked, sending her a wink and a menacing smile.


"Being free is what I love the most Jackson! I love it so much. It is like being a bird. But I cannot fly", Angelica said sadly.

Jackson laughed at her, "you have always had an odd imagination! How is University cupcake?".

"It is fine. I handed in my last assessment. I have a month free to do nothing! Now tell me, seeing as you didn't before, how was your date!", she playfully nudged her best friend.

Blushing her kissed her forehead and ran out the cafe, "Oh look! Its the end of my shift! Gotta run!".

She laughed and walked into the kitchen.

"Deary, I believe your cake is ready!", Uncle Frank said.

"Alright alright, and you better tell your son to spill about his date!".

"Honey, he hasn't even told me!".

Angelica giggled, Jackson was always so nervous to tell her how his dates went, especially when they went very well. She wanted him to be happy. She grabbed out the cake and placed it onto a plate. Everyone knew her cake was the best, and like always, it was best served warm and fresh.

She was giddy, she had spent the night before talking to her mum and brothers. They were okay and that's all that mattered to her. If they were okay, then she was happy. Sighing, she looked down and viewed her orange cake. It was her father's recipe and he had taught her how to make it. Picking it up she walked outside into the cafe area, greeting all the regular customers, usually workers from around the surrounding roads.

Everything fell silent again. She shuddered, thinking about the last time it had happened. Looking up she gasped, shocked. He was in front of her. The man from before. Staring at her. Undressing her with his eyes. As she stepped back, he took a step froward. Angelica's heart was hammering in her chest.

After breathing a few times, she looked up at him and spoke to him for the first time.

"May I help you with something sir?". He was frozen, she noted.

She panicked as she felt his large hand on her empty arm, yanking her closer to his body. Flushed against him, she tried to steady her breathing. Bending down to her level, she felt warm breaths against her ear.

"Tonight Angel, you will be mine. And there is NOTHING you can do to stop me. No male is to touch you, to speak to you or to hold you. You are mine and I LOVE YOU".

Watching him walk out, swarmed with photographers, he looked back at her smirking, winking and smiling with pure menace. Coming out of her shocked state, she began to breathe heavy. Running to the kitchen, she dropped the cake onto the table and grabbed her coat. Leaving a message for Frank, she ran out the back door, with only 15 minutes of her shift left.

Running down the busy street, tears dripping down her face, she whimpered. He knew her. He knew who she was. And he was coming for her.

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