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Hello to all my wonderful followers and readers,

First of all, thank you all so much for supporting me in writing my first book. 

I greatly appreciate the love and kindness that I have received from all of you. For those asking, that is the end of the book! I definitely wanted you all to think of your own further happy endings, that come after the ending of my book. I enjoy the idea of my readers always wondering about what would happen for my characters after I have finished.

This book has definitely had ups and downs. I found it hard to continue after the events that occurred in my life last year. The times have been rough and I apologise for keeping you all waiting so long during the last updates of my book. 

It has also definitely been a rough road to constantly think of how the book should end. I do believe I could have changed and altered certain aspects of my book to make it slightly more interesting and thrilling. Although this is the case, I am extremely happy with how 'Forced to be his" turned out. 

I could not have completed this without everyones love and support. Thank you so much!

As I said before in a previous little message, I had some news! My book is going in for reviewing and editing and will be publicised soon! This is because of YOU ALL! Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!

Stay tuned for my next item of work! I promise this will be better and even more thrilling than the last!

Thank you and yours sincerely,


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