Part Twenty Seven

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The cafe was blown to pieces. The cars with Angelica's family didn't stop, but Greg saw the expressions on their faces before they disappeared around the corner. The pain, the sadness, the anguish. It hit his heart over and over like a hammer.

This was all Gabriel's doing. If he hadn't have seen Angelica, he wouldn't have taken her away. He may love her, but a man like that could never keep up the romantic facade. He had to show his cold and ruthless ways somehow. And he knew that it would affect Angelica.

Poor girl. What she had been through. what he had made her do. It was unspeakable, and now? Her life was going to crumble into little pieces.

This was the enemies first move, and it most certainly wouldn't be his last.

Leaving the site, Greg walked to his car with four other men. They had to get all of Angelica's family to safety. After all, it was the wish of Gabriel. And what he wants, he will always get.


Riding in a flashy Bentley Continental wasn't what Angelica had in mind. Surely a 'normal' car would do, but then again, Gabriel seemed to have expensive taste. A rolex watch adorned his wrist, and a dark blue Armani suit hugged his body, defining every curve of every muscle. A carefree man was definitely not how he had dressed.

The don. The boss. The King is what screamed out to Angelica. The power.

After gazing at him for a few moments, Angelica looked out of the window and lost her breath.

A large and gorgeous home stood before her, hidden away from the outside world. Large black, ornate fences that stood ten metres high shielded the home away from 'intruders'. Gold locks hung at the entrance, guarded by six men. Slowly opening, she noticed the drive way was long and littered with small grey and brown pebbles, ending up in the shape of a circle. A large marble fountain stood inside the circle, shiny and polished perfectly, that even in the gloom, it held a glint. The home? No different. Beautifully built. Large and white.

It looked like a palace, with black jewels speckled upon each window frame. Magnificent was a understatement. Just as she thought the home could get more wonderful, she felt someone open her door. Gabriel stood there holding out his hand for her to take. Shaking her head, she hopped out the car, and felt her knees buckle before her.

Tears filled her eyes as she looked upon her family. Without a word, she ran to her mother and flung her arms around her, sobbing into her shoulder. It had felt like a dream come true. Everything she had been wishing for over the past week was before her. Everyone she had missed. As if they were never gone.

One by one, she felt herself get passed around, tears flowing out of her eyes and and theirs. Lastly, she stood before Greg. In a suit. Looking just like Gabriel's men. Her eyes widened in shock, none the less she hugged him tighter than ever. She would get her answers one way or another.

Stepping back, she giggles and cried a little more.

"I miss you all so much!', she whimpered, falling into Jackson's arms. What she didn't anticipate was Gabriel pulling her off him and wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Princess, care to introduce us?", Gabriel said menacingly. Angelica gazed at her family's questioning gaze.

"You, you're the reason that out cafe is now gone!", Jackson roughly shouted, walking towards him. Six guards appeared out of nowhere, ready to take action if need be. Angelica looked up at Jackson, as if she wanted answers to what he had said.

"I...uh...", Angelica choked up. She didn't know what to think or what to say about the revelation. Who was he to her and what happened to the cafe? What was she to do? Her head was spinning faster and faster. The happiness, the shock and the confusion had hit her all at once like bricks. She couldn't tell her family that she had been forced to marry him. What would they do to him? She knew they would try to take her away, which is what she had wanted in the first place, but she knew that she and her family needed his help and safety.

"I'd like you to meet my husband, Gabriel", she whispered

She saw everyone's face drop. What else was she to say? He kidnapped me and forced me into things? No, she thought. She had to keep it to herself. Gazing up at Gabriel, she noted he had a smirk on his face, looking at Jackson. He knew! The devil of a man. He knew she wouldn't tell them the truth.

"Then what happened to your apartment, pumpkin?", he older brother muttered as he walked over to her to hold her in his arms. Slowly pulling away from Gabriel, she hugged her brother and asked dumbly,

"What do you mean?".

"Well, there was glass on the floor and some blood...we-".

"WHAT!", she acted, "Did someone break into my apartment?!".

Gabriel knew what she was up to and smiled inwardly. He would win over her and her family. He needed to and wanted to. But first? The enemy.

"Darling...forget about that...what is really going on?", Angelica's mother asked.

"Let us go inside and settle in. I will tell you what has happened", Gabriel said. Guiding them all inside, he showed them all their new rooms, equipped with clothing.

"Please, freshen up and come down for dinner".

A few hours later

Angelica walked up to the room she was staying in. It was large and beautiful, but not as beautiful as the beach home. Dragging her feet across the carpet, she sat in a chair and revelled about the dinner.

She caught up with her family and had a wonderful time. She had missed her brothers and mother so much. She noted that Greg was taken in and she even was able to meet his family. She cried out of happiness for him. She knew he had missed them, and Gabriel was the one who had taken them in when they thought Greg had passed away.

However not all good things come to an end. She had found out that the cafe had been set alight. Gabriel had explained the situation to them. What he was, what he had done and why the cafe was destroyed. No one was happy. Uncle Frank had tears in his eyes, but not until Gabriel told them what he had done.

"I have already organised payments to your cafe Frank, whilst you were all freshening up. All with new and updated equipment. This renovation will be started as soon as possible, however we will wait to see when you can return. Michael? Your mothers bills have been paid for, and I have donated a sum of Twenty thousand to you and your family. Jas, or should I say mum, your mortgage will be paid and your son's university debts have been paid. Lastly, Jackson, the apartment you have been looking at is now yours. Mortgage free".

Angelica couldn't believe what had happened, but noticed Daniel's proud face. Maybe this was the beginning of Gabriel showing his love. He had easily just spent more than she would be able to in one sitting. He had won his wife's family over, or was starting to. She noted that they tried to refuse but he wouldn't have it. He said it was his apology for what he had bought them into. He said it was something to look forwards to as times were about to become dark and rough.

Angelica was undoubtedly scared and needed to relax. She may not trust Gabriel as yet with herself, but she trusted his safety with her family. Standing up, she stretched her body and walked to the bathroom. It was as magnificent as they could come. It was all black, with a large white tub sitting in the middle, free-standing, begging her for a dip. She couldn't refuse.

She was yet to clean up and decided that she was entitled to it. Lord, she had missed them. Stripping off her clothes, she put a short and white fluffy robe on her delicate body and began to run the water.

Once near full, she added the bubbles. She took and deep breath and sagged her shoulders slightly, dropping the robe inch by inch. Her tan and soft back was exposed until the curve of her back met her round behind.

"You are so beautiful", she heard a lustful voice in her ear. Large but soft fingertips trailed from her neck, and down her back softly. She shivered.


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