Part Eleven

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There she stood, in the lounge room, petrified to her core. If she didn't overly believe it before, she did now. Men in suits littered the foyer of the beach home, some with with guns in their hands, and some with guns and even knives sticking out of their back pockets.

Being the only girl in the room, she couldn't have felt more out of place. In her hand, lay an extraordinary fountain pen, and standing before her, stood her kidnapper, his best friend as a witness, and his lawyer.

She told him she has hated him, she told him that she didn't love him and never would, but couldn't have said it at the wrong time. As she cried on the floor, the house began to flood with men, two carrying an extravagant cake. She had no chance of escape.

Looking around her, she saw two familiar looking men - Bruce and Christopher, as they had introduced themselves - gazing at her, both with hard yet sad looks. They knew she was being forced, but they couldn't help her. Lord knows what their boss would have done if they had tried to stop his wedding, or help her escape. It was her, or possibly their families.

Tears falling out of her eyes, her eyes landed on the ripped dress. Gabriel had become a rabid animal, and if it wasn't for Daniel , she thought she would have more bruises. Torn down the middle, he picked up Angelica, too frozen to move and placed her right in front of the certificate.

Seeing him rush his lawyer, he signed the paper in front of him, and gave her the fancy pen.

She didn't want to. She couldn't, yet she had no choice. Pleading Daniel with her eyes, he looked away sadly, not believing what was happening.

Looking down at the paper, she slowly began to sign her life away, to a man who had only hurt her since she had awoke. She looked tired, her eyes were empty, her face was pale, and her hair was like a nest, atop of her head. As Angelica placed the pen down, a tear drop landed on her signature, causing a blotch upon her certificate.

It was done. She was now Mrs Angelica Ziva Rodrigo. Glancing down at the floor, her vision didn't miss the rock upon her finger. As much as she didn't want to admit it, it was beautiful, and a perfect fit.

"It was and has been a part of the Rodrigo family for many years, angel", Gabriel whispered, as he stared down into the depths of her earthy eyes. Shocked at the closeness, her eyes widened up at him, but hardly expected what happened next. Grabbed by the waist, Gabriel passionately kissed her. There was want, need, alpha male, dominance, but mostly, love.

She cringed as he let go and yelled to his men.

"Men! I welcome to you, my wife, Mrs Angelica Ziva Rodrigo. First Lady, and QUEEN of our underworld".

Cheers from all the men were heard throughout the house, and our towards the beach.

Feeling like she was about to faint, Angelica clung to Gabriel for support. Being pushed in front of him, she felt him adorn her neck with her fathers pocket watch.

"You are my beautiful wife".

Walking her over to the cake, he cut a small piece and held it to her mouth. Biting into it slowly, she innocently looked up into his eyes. She saw love. The question was, would she be able to stick around long enough to witness his love?


Gabriel glanced down at Angelica, as one of her fat tear drops pooled on her signature, at the bottom of their wedding certificate. He married her out of anger. He married her out of love, possessiveness.

Looking over at Daniel, he saw his best friend give him a heated glare, not being able to look his best friends now wife in the face. He felt ashamed. Daniel knew that he was possessive, but not possessive enough to kidnap a girl he had 'claimed'.

Glancing away, he set his eyes on his wife, who was staring at the rock that now adorned her marriage finger.

"It was and has been a part of the Rodrigo family for many years, angel", he whispered. Grabbing a hold of her waist, he bought his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. Pulling away, he sighed deeply, looking into his angels eyes. How he wanted to feel her soft lips against his again and again.

Her lips were one thing, but her skin was another. He loved how soft it was, but now? Bruised. Dark blotches of bite marks and finger marks lay on her petal like skin. A mark for her. A mark of possession. A mark to show everyone she was his. Standing up like a true King, with ruthless intent, he shouted.

"Men! I welcome to you, my wife, Mrs Angelica Ziva Rodrigo. First Lady, and QUEEN of our underworld", he began to notice she clung to him for support, as if she was about to faint in his arms, amidst all the cheering. Pulling her in front of him, he clipped her fathers pocket watch around her neck, leaning down to her ear.

"You are my beautiful wife".

Cutting some cake and feeding it to her, he felt her soft lips graze his finger tips. He closed his eyes and sighed again. Looking around he saw his men happy, but noticed three, slightly smiling, but with sadness painted in their eyes. Daniel, Bruce and Christopher.

He knew what he had done was wrong, but who were Bruce and Christopher to judge their Boss' actions. They may have been his best men, but that was it. They were not his equal. To judge him on his actions. He was angry.

Breathing in some of Angelica's sent, he calmed slightly. He would give her everything her heart desired. Money, jewels, an orphanage, just like she had wanted. He had already paid off her student loan - little to her knowledge. He knew she would be angry with him, once she found out. He had also anonymously paid off her mothers mortgage in Australia, leaving no name or trace. He wanted to drown her in happiness. Yet his way of showing love, was not something Angelica would grow accustomed to.

Blinking away his thoughts, he didn't realise the silence around him. Turning his head, he saw most him men in awe. Snapping back to his wife, he didn't realise she had cut a piece of cake for him, and was stretching her arm, holding it to his lips. Slowly taking a bite, he licked her fingers clean, watching her squirm slightly, lowering her arm by her side.

What happened next shocked him to his core.

"Please, all of you, help yourself", he heard his angel say. Spoken like a true lady. Watching her grab the knife by the side of the cake, she began cutting it into small pieces. Plating them up, one by one men took plates and thanked her. Usually he wouldn't have his wife doing what she was doing, but he wasn't composed.

Blinking the moments away, the men began to congratulate him and leave, along with Bruce and Christopher, who Angelica seemed to smile around slightly. She had never smiled around him. Watching her elegant movements, he noticed his wife was still in her old work uniform, looking tired, and hungry. Somehow, she still managed to take Gabriel's breath away.

As all the men cleared away, Daniel still stood in the middle of the room. with his hands in his suit pockets.

"Congratulations, little egg", Angelica giggled. He called her that once when drinking coffee in Frank's cafe, "And, Happy Birthday".

Gabriel heard Angelica gasp. He was right. Today was the 21st of December. Today was her birthday. Intently watching his best friend, Gabriel began to feel jealous. Daniel pulled out a pair of diamond earrings from his pocket, and gave them to Angelica.

"I didn't forget", he sadly whispered. Not even saying goodbye to Gabriel, Daniel walked out the door and joined the last yacht, gazing off at the house, as it took off for the city.

Gabriel was now alone with his wife.

The only thing that could be heard was silence.

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