chapter 41

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"And who is this lovely creature. Sorry for not noticing you earlier my darling." The leader of the zuka club said prancing her way over to me. I can't remember what she said her name was. I think it started with a B. I was to bust thinking about everything that had happened to really pay attention.

"This is my sister, Aika." Haruhi said and I could tell she was close to walking out the door at how angry she is.

"Aika. I like that. What do you think girls? Should she come with us as well the lolabela?" She asked the two girls behind her. "Would you be interested?" She asked and I had to take a step back because of how close she had gotten.

"I go where haruhi goes." Was all I said and, let's call her, B, looked around to see the reactions of the other hosts. I didn't want to know what they were thinking right now.

"Excellent. Not only have we saved one beautiful woman we have saved two from this host club."

"I don't need to be saved." I muttered irritated.

"Of course not. You are both powerful, strong, women." Okay. Time to leave

"We have to go." Haruhi said as though she was reading my mind.

B started rambling about something else and then the three of them twirled out of the room. Haruhi started arguing with the host club and I glanced over to see mori with a concerned and concentrated look on his face. I moved to the door after haruhi but felt someone grab my wrist.

"You're not made at us right, Ai-Chan?" Honey asked giving me the puppy dog eyes.

I glanced and Mori one more time before looking to the door.

"I. I have to go." I said and I felt tears come to my eyes. The last time I cried really hard was when mom had died. And even then it was after everyone was asleep so they couldn't hear me. Put know one has made me feel this twisting knot in my stomach.

Pulling out of honeys grasp I walking out of the room and into the hall way. Moving quickly I walked out of the building only to see Haruhi waiting for me.

"Are you alright?" She asked and I nodded my head. "No you're not." She said softly and placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. "Please look at me." She ducked down so she could see under my hair. I looked up at her and handed her a mechanical pencil. She chuckled which made me chuckle.

"Write to your hearts desire." I said and she shook her head slowly taking the pencil from my hand.

"I still have one left you don't have to give this to me." She said but I shrugged my shoulders starting to walk home.

"It's fine. I have a ton. I found pencils from middle school even."

"I didn't think about that."

"I know."

"You know we are going to talk about what's bugging you right?" She asked.

"I can handle it." I said shrugging again.

"So there is something wrong."

"Nothing serious."

"Serious to bring you close to tears." She said and I blinked a couple times to clear my eyes.

"I'm just tired."

" You are such a liar." She said shaking her head.


All throughout the day I could feel Mori glancing at me. He even placed his hand on top of mine in foreign English class. He placed a gentle kiss on my temple and I couldn't pull away because of all the fan girls. Plus I really didn't want to pull away.

But I didn't want him thinking he can just pull in my strings like a puppet. You either want to be around me and yes we can tease each other but I don't try to play with his heart. If he asked me if I liked him I would say yes. If he asked me out. I would say yes. But if I were to ask him all I would get is a hn or him shrugging his shoulders.

I swear.

"Aika" Mori whispered in my ear and it had been so long since I last heard him speak his voice sent shivers down my spin and almost made me jump in my seat.

"Mori." I grumbled lowly. He pulled my chair alarmingly fast making our chairs touch.

"Aika." He said again lower and placed his head between the curve of my neck. I could feel his lips lightly touch my neck when ever he breathed out.

"Yes Mori?" I asked and he pulled his head away from me. I could feel his eyes on me but I continued to look forward. I felt a single tear run down the side of my face. Thankfully it was the side he could not see.

But honey could.

I felt his little hand reach up and parish off the tear from my cheek. He didn't say anything. He sat there just thinking.


I was walking with Haruhi down the hall way and there was this part of the building where it connected with another building. And there is these long open hallways that were at least two floors up.

Anyways, we were about to walk into one of then when Haruhi suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled my back into the shade of the building.

"What?" I asked.

"Sshh" she said pushing a hand against my mouth. I looked over to where she was watching to see mori standing in the other open hall way. We could see a girl with brown long hair walk right up to him and hand him a love note. I couldn't hear her put I could read her lips. She was asking him out.

I felt the air being knocked out of my lungs and the world falling in on me. But that terrible feeling inside was pushed away with the simple shake of Mori's head and the girls retreating steps.

My heart hurt. It had felt like someone was trying to tighten it down with a monkey wrench only to give up and just walk away to leave me with the dull ache in my chest.

Oh my God.

Of course they would do something like this.

Tamaki gave the zuka club a little speech and then all of a sudden honey, Hikaru, Kaoru , and Mori were in front of haruhi and me. Saying something about being out sister.

Only them.

Haruhi started laughing and rolling on the floor while I just walked away to sit in my normal spot. It was a little funny I guess. I looked up to see the host club in front of my with their hands stretched out in front of them. I couldn't help it, I snorted. Which made me start to laugh really hard.

"You guys are such dorks." I said shaking my head.

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