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Kitten ((OHSHC))  by squigglepanda
Kitten ((OHSHC)) by Squiggle
Neko!Male! OC x Ohshc
  • hikaru
  • kaoru
  • kyoya
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Nanbaka fanfic: The Twins by Zecha13
Nanbaka fanfic: The Twinsby Zecha
Zera and Zero Twins with a dreadful past Sent to Nanba Warning: Yandere brother & Some incest
  • nico
  • rock
  • warden
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Garden: Takashi Morinozuka Love Story by littleBill
Garden: Takashi Morinozuka Love Bloo II
He's quiet and so is she - maybe not as quiet as him. Hibiki Sadeki, a scholarship student everyone mistook as a boy, gets wrapped up in the host club's shenanigans; by...
  • takashimorinozuka
  • ốc
  • mori
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Just a Servant? (an Ohshc bxb/yaoi story) (rewrite) #Wattys2017 by Theanimelifeisbetter
Just a Servant? (an Ohshc bxb/ H E N T A I
Ryu is the second child to the Katori family, one of the richest companies in the world. After his mom died his father tried to handle it calmly, but after Ryu came out...
  • tamaki
  • wattys2017
  • fanfic
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Host Club Mother by SilhouetteofaBreeze
Host Club Motherby Yuna
Kyoya was the mother of the Host Club until Haruhi's sister Rika returned from a trip abroad. With teaching requirements from her school in America, Rika begins a semest...
  • club
  • haruhi
  • rika
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Hidden Chains (A OHSHC fanfic) [UNDER MAJOR EDITING]  by gumzuzu
Hidden Chains (A OHSHC fanfic) [ ✰Zu✰
Haruka Hitachiin. A fifteen year old boy with a secret. Apparently, he is actually a she but her mother refuses to have a female in the family as she thinks it's disgrac...
  • highschool
  • hitachiin
  • karou
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Sweeter Than Cake [Honey x Uke Male! Reader]✔️ by Foxy_Kitsune_
Sweeter Than Cake [Honey x Uke Wattpad Lover
Ouran Academy has gotten a new transfer student. He's a commoner, and he got a scholarship to go to the prestigious academy for the rich and beautiful, that have too muc...
  • love
  • honey
  • xmalereader
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The Song of Roses (OHSHC)(Complete) by Sinful-stories
The Song of Roses (OHSHC)(Complete)by *SCREECHING*
Himiko Sukini is a talented singer, getting into Ouran Private Academy on a singing scholarship. She's an energetic girl who can easily make friends with others and capt...
  • ohshc
  • mori
  • ouran
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His little Lolita (OHSHC) by hlfoley
His little Lolita (OHSHC)by H
We all know who Honey-senpai is- cute, sweet, adorable and childlike. But what if there was a girl that made Mitsukuni 'Honey' Haninozuka act his age? How was it even p...
  • anime
  • kyoya
  • haninozuka
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The Silent Host (boyxboy OHSHC) by LazyyOtaku
The Silent Host (boyxboy OHSHC)by Lily
Cover by theamazingworldofria Words. Everyone takes them for granted, using them non-stop, screaming them, laughing them, blurting them. But what about when they're dyi...
  • craziness
  • boyxboy
  • mute
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Street Rat (OHSHC) by Sinful-stories
Reichiru is a girl who grew up on the streets, known by most as a Street Rat. And everyone knows that the rich, first class pooches will never interact with the grimy St...
  • kaoru
  • kyoya
  • tamaki
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Engaged To The Host [Hikaru × Kaoru × Reader] OHSHC by XxB-POTATOxX
Engaged To The Host [Hikaru × ↬ოια
"You have to kiss me", Hikaru said. I sighed and reconsidered my options. Nope, there is no way getting out of this. I sat up straight again slightly startling...
  • romance
  • mori
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
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The Girl Lolita (OHSHC fanfic) by MalachiMavis
The Girl Lolita (OHSHC fanfic)by Piece of trash
Samantha was an American girl that was experimented on. When she escaped, she was taken in by a wealthy American family. They moved to Japan when she turned 15 and her...
  • tamaki
  • haruhi
  • kyoya
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The little sister type by Sherry-star
The little sister typeby さくら 윤아
Hi, I'm Akari and I'm 16. I started going to Ouran high school. I meet a girl named Haruhi, and we go to an abandoned music room where we meet 6 boys. One thing led to a...
  • wattys2018
  • ouran
  • honey
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She Sees Them (OHSHC) (Complete) by Sinful-stories
She Sees Them (OHSHC) (Complete)by *SCREECHING*
Ever felt a chill in the middle of a hot summer day? Ever heard you name called when there's nobody around? Well, those strange occurrences were most likely spirits who...
  • koaru
  • haruhi
  • kyoya
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Ouran High School Host Club Imagines by _Jessee_
Ouran High School Host Club _Jessee_
Ouran High imagines. Requests are open!! 7/30/17 UPDATE: I have included match-ups, head cannons, and gif reactions! Requests are open!! Enjoy~~
  • fanfiction
  • hitachiintwins
  • tamaki
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Concrete (OHSHC) by Dark__Fairy
Concrete (OHSHC)by Potato
Kai Sakura never thought stumbling into a random room would affect her life so much. Follow Kai and as she goes through the host clubs phases and experience friendship...
  • tamaki
  • ohshc
  • haruhi
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Why Me? (Tamaki X Reader) by Dragoraven24
Why Me? (Tamaki X Reader)by Dragoraven24
Your best friend drags you to her favorite club and the second you step inside Music Room 3, you hate it. But you find yourself in a situation that you cannot get out of...
  • tamakixreader
  • regret
  • tamaki
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Hero | ohshc by JHCSEOK
Hero | ohshcby s.k
- Originally, The Ouran Cafe Princess - Aki Suoh is both a Cafe owner and a student. She's extremely young, the owner and leader of two companies, and a girl with two n...
  • ohshc
  • mystery
  • honey
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The Third Devious Hitachiin by Lava98
The Third Devious Hitachiinby Satan's Child
Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are identical twin brothers, but actually, that's a lie, there's one more. The Hitachiin triplets. Shizuka Hitachiin was sent to America when...
  • hitachiin
  • ohshc
  • hikaru
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