Chapter 4

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Ok, I changed this to a mori/oc fanfiction. 

I figure since I already got a kyoya fanfiction and that I really like mori, that I should change this one. Kyoya and Aika are going to just be close friends. And no to all you dirty minded people, not friends with benefits.

Anyways, enjoy the chapter.

"There has seemed to be a mix up." Tamaki said pouting in his corner of the class room. 

It turns out that I am not supposed to be in this class. The school had got it all mixed up.

In other words they forgot I was a prodigy and had a photographic memory. 

But that wasn't the point. The point was that tamaki wouldn't tell me where I had to go. When I said I would just check with the office he grabbed onto my legs and held on for dear life screaming something about his daughter being taken away from him.

My only thoughts on the matter was hoe much school work had I missed.

"I'm going to the office." I muttered and tamaki was out of his corner and attached to my leg again. 

I sighed while taking my left leg out of his hold. I started heading for the door as I dragged tamaki with me.

I had just walked out of the class room when I ran into someone. I looked up to see mori with honey on his shoulders.

"Sorry" I mumbled "mori-sempi" 

"Technically he isn't your sempi anymore." Kyoya said with his black note book in his hand. I'm pretty sure it was one of those death notes or a diary....but death note sounds cooler.

"So I'm in 3A?" I asked.

"That is correct." Kyoya said and tamaki glared at him.

"Kyoya!, stop trying to take my daughter away from me!" He cried and hugged my legs tighter almost making me fall.

Mori grabbed my shoulders to steady me and then let go when he knew I wouldn't fall over.

"Don't worry tama-chan we'll take real good care of her!" Honey said jumping from mori's shoulders and into my arms. "It's that right Takashi?" Honey turned his head to mori with big Brown eyes.

"I'll come visit. And it's not like I won't come with haruhi to the host club." I muttered and let go of honey. Tamaki being tamaki, let go of my legs and tackled me into a hug and twirled around.

"Mori! Help!" I squeaked out and tried to get out of tamaki's grip.

I was lifted into the air suddenly. I looked down to see mori. His hair was messed up, so without thinking I reached out and fixed his hair. His eyes widened slightly, but besides that there was nothing to show his emotion.

"Give her back mori-sempi!" Tamaki whined.

I was good at not showing my emotions or doing anything drastic. 

But I must admit, -- I panicked.

I wrapped my long legs around mori's waist and wrapped my arms around his shoulders bringing him closer to me.

"Please don't put me down." I whispered in his ear and clinging onto him for dear life. 

I did not want to deal with tamaki. I was just getting feeling back in my legs.

I could feel mori tense slightly put relaxed right after.

"Aika." A familiar voice reached my ears and I pulled my head back to see haruhi. The twins were one either side of her with their elbows resting on her shoulders. Haruhi gave me a 'please help me get away from these people' Look. And in return I gave her a 'me first, you have two try 1 and a tamaki.' Look. She shrugged her shoulders agreeing my situation was worse.

"I couldn't reach the topshelf in the library....there's a book I need." She mumbled the last part but I still heard her. "Can you help me?" 

"Yeah, no problem." I said and was about to let go of mori but looked down and saw tamaki waiting.

He's like the brother I never wanted.

...Well according to tamaki, he's my dad....he's not that far off.

"Kyoya, can you get him away from me?" I asked pointing to tamaki.

"I'm not part of this." He said taking pictures of mori and me.

"Kyoya." I said warningly and I didn't have to say anything else as he grabbed a hold of tamaki's jacket and pulled him back. This instantly made tamaki go into his corner.

"You can come down now ai-Chan!" Honey said with a innocent look. I looked at mori realizing  for the first time how close are faces were. 

"Do I have to?" I asked.......Ok I didn't really ask that. I was thinking it, but I didn't say it.

"Thanks." I said to mori and he nodded his head.

"So you like the wild type." Kyoya interrupted. I raised and eyebrow at him and tilted my head giving a confused look.

"How is mori the wild type exactly?" I asked. "And no." I added with a sigh. "You can stop with the type thing. It's kind of getting annoying." I mumbled walking over to haruhi. "Let's go get this book." I said dragging her away from the crazy peope called the host club.

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