chapter 14

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"I made cookies!" Renge said and I stood next to haruhi and took a bite of the cookie. Everyone else was saying that it was bad and mori even said honey shouldn't eat it because it was bad for him.
"They're actually not that bad." Haruhi and I said at the same time eating our cookie.

"Hey haruhi/ aika. Can we have a bite of that?" The twins asked and hikaru went to haruhi and kaoru went over to me. He leaned forward and bit off the end of my cookie while I still had it in my mouth. The twins then switched. "Looks like you got something on your cheek let me get that for you." They said and hilarity licked off the crumbs on my cheek.

"You know you could have just told us and we would have got it." Haruhi said and we both rubbed our cheek to get the spit off.

"Plus if you really wanted a cookie there are more right here." I said holding out the container. Tamaki then started going crazy and saying that was not how we were supposed to react to something like that. I didn't really see the problem and Niether did my sister. So I handed her the container and walked away to sit in my corner. Honey came over to me and sat on my lap. Mori wasn't that far behind. Mori was looking at me and I wasn't sure what his problem was at the moment. Because even though he didn't show any emotion on his face I could tell he was angry. And the way he was glancing at me made me think I was the one he was mad at. But I hadn't done anything so I just shrugged it off. Honey soon got off of me and they walked away over to tamaki who was now in his corner after haruhi said something to him.

"You're all lukewarm!" Renge said and I decided to lean back in my seat to just watch what would happen out of this.

Renge decided it would be a good idea to change all of their characters except kyoya of course. Cause everyone knows he's perfect the way he is, and I say that with only half sarcasm.

Tamaki was some dark prince. Haruhi was a bullied honors student. The twins were basketball playing whatever it is she just said. Honey is a bully and mori is his child hood friend.

"But not only are you honey's childhood friend but have secretly had a crush on that girl, who kyoya said was aika fujioka, and have yet to confess your feeling for you fear she will reject you and break your heart. Yet you still would do anything to protect her." Renge said pointing at me and I no longer found her amusing.

"And this is when I leave." I said standing at walking to the door. But I was stopped by a very un amusing renge. I knew I could easily get away from hurt. But I didn't feel like hurting someone and getting suspended. I mean school is really important and if I have a blemish on my record I would be letting myself down for the goals I have set for myself. But on the other hand if I just make it quick enough for no one to see me....

No bad Aika bad.

I hasn't even realized renge had been talking this entire time. I had only figured out that we were making a movie when the twins said something about it.

"Are you alright Ai-chan?" Honey asked looking up at me. He grabbed the sleeve of my jacket and pulled on it just slightly. I looked down and smiled at him.

"Yeah." I said and renge decided to get everyone's attention again. And I guess the movie begins.

Time skip.

I must say this is actually pretty interesting. Tamaki did a pretty good job at being the dark prince, a little dramatic, but still good. Then the twins did their basketball thing and really there was no difference in there character except the fact they were more sporty. Haruhi, honey, and mori's scene was a fail. You see when honey tried to pick on haruhi he ended up crying saying he was sorry and would never do it again, even if it was just acting. But can you expect. It is honey after all.

Then there is the scene renge wanted me to do. But I just ignored her hoping she would go away. Well she didn't go away. And I had to wait in my spot to start the shoot. I'm not a big one when it cones to acting. I get sick at just the thought of having to talking in front of a group of people and now people want to record me saying lines I will most likely forget right after I have read them. Ha. Of course there is the fact that I have either started laughing when mori got close to me or I have forgot what I had to say or stutter over my word.

"Alright people!" Renge's voice came loud and clear through a microphone. "Start of scene 8 take 5." She called out and I rolled my eyes but didn't let anybody see me doing it. "Action."

"Would you just spit it out?" I asked with a scowl. "You have been acting weird all day and now that I have confronted you about it you say it's nothing and walk away." I let out a scoff and turned my head away from him. I was giving myself a mental high five for remembering all of that and didn't even stutter. I was positive I was going to mess up again.

Mori placed his hands in his front pants pockets and walked forward to me. When he was standing 5 feet in front of me he suddenly reached out and grabbed my arm pulling me closer to him and a branch fell from the tree we were standing under.

"Thanks." I said and looked back at the branch. I turned back to him. "But that doesn't get you off the hook for not answering--" I was cut off when a gentle and sweet kiss was placed on my lips I closed my eyes for a second that when he pulled away I opened them.

"Cut! That was perfect!" Renge said and let out a breath of relief. Though this was the first time that we actually made it to the kissing part and I was kind of surprised that he actually did it. It was after all technically my first kiss. I don't think that's how I saw my first kiss going but hey if I had the chance to change it I would most likely not. Because let's be honest here mori is very attractive and there was no way, a guy like that would kiss me with out being told to for a scene in a movie or as a dare. I'm just sayin. So I'll take it.

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