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I didn't get in trouble with Kyoya about the little group I has created. He said as long as I don't spend every day there he would be fine with it. So I decided on Fridays I would have my girl chats.

Mori didn't seem to know how to act around me because any Chance at me to turn the conversation sexual he would turn a light shade of pink and either walk away or act like he doesn't know what I'm talking about. It was a different tactic and next week if the girl had any Ideas I could do that next. It was kind of my personal way of changing things up. It gets boring if you just repeat the same thing over and over.

So this weekend I had decided that I will make some chocolate chip cookies from one of moms old recipes. I have the radio playing and bounced to the beat. It didn't look graceful. It wasn't the kind of dance that you would hope to learn so day. It was the dance Everyone knew. Even babies.

Haruhi was going to the store to get a couple things insisting that she would go on her own so I gave her some space and stayed home.

I heard something outside but ignored it. I stopped dancing and instead sang to the words to the song on the radio. I didn't even know what it was called. But after you hear the chorus so many times you mind as well be an expert.

3rd person pov.

Haruhi was making her way back home when suddenly she saw a limo outside her apartment complex. Furrowing her eyebrows she moved closer only to let out a sigh of annoyance. Even on her day off she just couldn't get away from the host club. Though she was sure Aika would as excited as her.

Aika wasn't a big one on company. Or social interaction. The fact she participated in the host club was a miracle in itself. Though it was possibly for haruhi. Haruhi didn't see the point in arguing. She won't get very far.

Taking a small breath she walked over to the limo to deal with the idiots.

Aika's pov

I knew haruhi would be home soon so I turned off the radio and pulled the cookies out of the oven to let them cool.

3rd person pov

Haruhi gave in and let the host club come with her to her home. She didn't have much say in the matter for all she knew Kyoya had a key made just for the purpose of getting in her home when she did not want or need him there.

"Fine but you can only have a peek." Haruhi said giggling the key into the lock swinging the wood door open. The hinges didn't make any noise like how they had a week ago until Aika and Haruhi had fixed them.

"Do you want us to take our shoes off?" Honey asked looking around and taking everything in. He had a plan to make sure Aika and Takashi Sat by each other and touched as much as possible in hopes that he could get them to admit their feelings.

"You can if you want to." Haruhi said

Takashi hadn't told honey about what had happened at the dojo. Though he didn't plan on telling him anytime soon. Every one already thought they were dating before they even knew each other for  a week.

Them telling any of the hosts would do more harm than good. But little did Takashi know was that Aika and Haruhi had just been talking about what had happened not to long ago before haruhi left to go to the store.

She promised not to tell anyone. Though teasing her about it would always be an option. Aika didn't tell any one else. She knew that it wasn't something to make a big deal out of. But the host club would make it a big deal. Especially tamaki. Drama was his thing.

Aika pov

Please tell me I'm hallucinating. They weren't here.

They were not sitting in my living room holding their knees to their chest with Tamaki telling them all the squeeze together to save space even though they all could fit just fine.

"Do you want some tea?" Haruhi asked the realness of them actually being here came crashing down on me like  a ton of bricks.

Of course the one day I planned to just sit around and make cookies would be the day they magically appear. Oh I don't even want to know the seen they brought with them when they showed up at our apartment complex.

The twins asked if shrunk could make this special tea they brought and she took it into the kitchen to make some. She pushed me more into the living room and mumbled  as sit.

I was tempted to bark just to be my sarcastic self but stopped myself. Squaring my shoulders I walked past the whispering tamaki, honey and twins over to kyoya and Mori. I didn't get to choose where to sit before honey dragged me down to sit practically on Mori. Well not practically. I was sitting on him. His legend were crossed and  I was in the center of them. Mori didn't think anything of it and instead listened to the conversation around us while wrapping his arms around me. I wiggled out of his grasp and instead sat next to him and not on him.

But even with me sitting next to him he had placed his arm on my leg lightly and bumped my shoulder with his.

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