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1. When did Mori and Aika finally start getting together?

Answer: The chapter after Mori said he loved Aika. Or The amazing way to put it samcakes123: "The chapter where u put "...yay"" I laughed harder then I should at this. R.I.P

2. Who made them kiss first?

Answer: Renge  you guys all got this right which is awesome. 

3. What does Aika have that makes her different from other students?

Answer: Photographic memory

4. What songs has she sung?

Answer: Happier, We don't have to dance, and a couple other songs I forgot, rip. 

5. What was the common phrase used to describe Mori and Aika?

Answer: Overprotective lovers of protective lovers. Honestly the same thing. You just have to be enthusiastic!!!!!!! 

6. What are the ship names?

Answer: Morkia, aiori, maika, aori 

7. How did Mori and Aika officially meet?

Answer: Well she saw him first in the host club. She met him when she clung to him trying to get away from Tamaki. 

8. How was I originally spelling Senpai? (lol)

Answer: Sempi. I have no idea why.

9. When Aika grabbed Mori's 'package' what do you think she grabbed? 

Answer: His buttocks :)

10. What does Aika love that Haruhi hates?

Answer: Thunderstorms. 

11. Who can remember what it means when they tap each other a certain amount of times?


One- a hug

Two- a kiss on the lips.

Three- a kiss on the forehead or cheek 

Four- surprise me.

Five- I'm going to do something extravagant so don't freak out if I do something. Well extravagant. 

And yes I went back to chapter 27 to make sure they were right. I was surprised how you guys remembered cause I honestly forgot about the entire thing. I should add it to the story more. I mean I planned to use the five one in the future.... anyways here's a chapter for you.


"Alright cause the author has decided to start writing again we can finish this conversation." Renge said walking through the frozen people. "Let's rewind then start it back up." Renge pointed to one of the camera men. "Playback."

Mori looked down at Aika. "I want you to meet my parents."

"W-what?" Aika asked spittering like a fish out of water. 

"That's SO CUTE!! The fangirls gushed. 

Aika's pov 

Did I hear him right? Did he actually want me to meet his parents. I mean he's met mine. But that wasn't intentional on my end. Are we at that stage already? How long have we even been together? I can't even remember.... it hasn't been more then a year right? I asked myself looking up at Mori. 

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