Chapter 3

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"Lets go, were going to be late!" Haruhi said as she pulled the covers off me.

"I don't want to." I whined into my pillow.


I fell onto the floor as Haruhi grabbed my ankles and pulled me off the bed and through the hall. She grabbed some shorts and put them on me while I still had my pillow in hand and pushed my head into it. She took a shirt and pried the pillow from my grasp then put my shirt on and handed the pillow to me as I snatched in back into my arms. She grabbed my ankles again before dragging me into the kitchen. 

"Would you just get up?" She asked and I shook my head.

"5....20 more minutes." I mumbled and rolled over on the floor.

"Were going to be late." Haruhi sighed.

"It's 5 o'clock. We leave at 6:30 and get there by 6:50 maybe 7 on a bad day. Woman let me sleep." I said to her as she sighed. I could feel the eye roll from haruhi.

Time skip to the school

In homeroom.

"You're early." I heard someone say and looked up to see kyoya standing in front of me as he fixed his classes.

"Regretably. Yes." I said and he sat in the chair next to mine.

"You will be attending the host club today with haruhi, correct?" He asked already knowing the answer.

"Yes." I said and I heard his chair shift.

"About yesterday..." He started.

"Already forgotten." I stated.

"Good, I just have one question." He said turning  face me and I glanced at him.

"Ask away, though I can not promise an answer." I said 

"How exactly does me flirting ...suck?" He asked asked the last word sounding foreign on his tongue.

"Pressing yourself against some one and hope they have a reaction isn't a way of flirting. It's not that you suck more of that you are not very skilled. But the cool type doesn't really have to do anything except sit there and act like they don't care, which is something you got down." I said before rambling. "Sorry, I ramble sometimes." I rested my head on my hand and looking straight at him.

"Are you willing to teach me?" He asked as his eyes hooded. His hair shifted slightly as he tilted his head and let his glasses fall off his nose slightly. I swallowed and let out a breath before turning away from him.

"To flirt?" I asked him.

"Yes, what else did you have in mind?" He asked suggestingly. 

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, I just told him he couldn't  do something....that he could clearly do....And now he was using it on me. I swallowed again and let his words roll off my shoulders as I acted like her didn't effect me at all.

"I'm not good at flirting, you should ask another girl as they would be fine to comply to your ever command." I said with a second meaning clear in my voice. 

"You're better at flirting then you think." He said fixing his glasses.

"Is that a compliment Mr. Ootori?" I asked lifting my chin slightly and looking ahead of me instead of at kyoya.

"I believe it was. Though I am not my father as he is Mr. Ootori, I prefer kyoya." He said and I smirked slightly.

"I know, I was only teasing." I said and the teacher walked  in and set something down before exiting the room not even glancing are way. I felt my hair move as I turned my head to see kyoya playing with a strand of my hair.

"I think I'll sit next to you today." He said sliding his chair closer to mine.

"You'v made your point, kyoya" I said and he raised an eyebrow at me.

"And what point is that?" He asked

He just wanted to hear me say it.

"You are nit as bad at flirting then I thought." I said as he studied me.

"It doesn't seem to have that much of effect on you though." He said.

It's effecting me, it is so, so, effecting me. 

I felt a not in my stomach and a blush settling at the bottom of my neck wanting to crawl up my neck and permanently stain my cheeks for the entire day.

"You have a beautiful smile. I don't want anyone but me to see it." Kyoya said and I snapped out of what ever I was feeling a little while ago.

"I'm not in the mood to stroke your ego right now so leave me alone." I said waving him off.

"You have never stroked my ego miss Aika." Kyoya said putting  a hand on my cheek to look at him. "Though the privilege to have such words from you would be of the highest of complements." He said and I pulled my face away from him.

"You're annoying." I said warningly.

"Your insults have set my hear aflame." He said and I scoffed.

"Seriously, stop." I said letting out a small laugh.

"Your laugh is music to my ears." He said and I laughed harder.

"Kyoya...stop..." I said still laughing. I don't know why I found this so funny, but I did. He went to say more and I covered his mouth with my hand. "Stop." I said controlling my laughter. When I removed my hand he kept quiet though he was watching me.

"Interesting." He mumbled just as other students started to walk into class.

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